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What question would you like "only the nice people to answer"?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (34906points) May 11th, 2012

Can you think of a question that you honestly only want

the nice people to answer?

Anything? Anything at all?

I have one: Cheetos – puffed or crunchy? I only care what the nice people think.

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Nope. Jerks make me appreciate the nice people even more. It males me happy to see cynical person, cynical person, non cynical person.

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Any question that would involve how I feel about some concern or situation would be a question for which I would want jerks to refrain from answering,

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All of them !

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But… there are no nice people on Fluther.

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From what you know about on Fluther, what do you think of me? I don’t need any put downs right now, thank you.

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Crunchy, obviously. Duh. ~

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I like being criticised. It helps me improve myself. shit you son of a bitch.

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I’ve seen this phrase before and it wasn’t on this site. Who are you?:)

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Where have you been @PurpleClouds? “I only want the nice people to answer” is a fairly regular visitor to Fluther.

I don’t know what those snacks are Jake, but I would say crunchy :-)

My answer is any question asked by a new person who isn’t yet aware of the community rules or standards.

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Did I miss a visit from our friend?

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What do you think about the word nice?
Personally I find it to be very stale/boring.
I mean, nice… very twee.

jca's avatar

I like it when it’s pronounced “Niiiiice.”

cookieman's avatar

“Does this cookie make me look fat?”
Nice people only please

jca's avatar

“Do you like this lipstick color on me?”

Nice people only to answer, please.

tedibear's avatar

“Does this shirt make my stomach look big?” The real answer to that, of course, is “No, your stomach makes your stomach look big.”

ucme's avatar

Ladies/Gay men: Do you think Adolf Hitler was an attractive, sexy bastard?

AshLeigh's avatar

@ucme… The mustache was a deal breaker, for me. No.

ucme's avatar

@AshLeigh but think of the fuzzy tickling sensation when the fuhrer went down on you…..or rather, DON’T!!

filmfann's avatar

Why do women say my dick tastes like strawberries?

thank you Chuck Barris

AshLeigh's avatar

O_O @ucme Inappropriate!

marinelife's avatar

Am I crunchy or puffy?

I only want nice people tp answer.

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I can’t think of any question that I only want nice people to answer. It’s not that I enjoy nastiness though. I try to discount it if I feel it’s uncalled for.

The answer to your question is crunchy, crunchy, crunchy!!!! All the way.not that I should be eating cheetohs at all, but I have to admit, I love them!

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@AshLeigh He’s been dead a real long time, it really doesn’t matter ya know.

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Nice or not, I don’t really care. I’d prefer you read and answer the actual question. If doing that takes a certain amount of ugly, I can deal with it.
And I prefer crunchy with hot red powder and a pair of gloves.

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Well, I can’t think of anything specifically so I’ll just say… every single one that has the potential to hurt my feelings.

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Crunchy, yo.

ProTip; I’m not a nice person.

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Hah. I am aware, @ucme. Still… Inappropriate. XD

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@I Write Naked…......How very ironic m’dear XD

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I hate the ones who come in and say, “I could care less.” THEN DON’T ANSWER IT, DINGY!!

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If you could care less, it means you have a measure of care. So; you care. Just sayin’.

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I thought about that too @Trillian!

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Well I would want to know if anyone could give my a nice answer.

crunchy and puffs I eat’m for the cheesey flavor

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Crunch n Munch. I eat ‘em for the sugar!

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“Please can I join Fluther? My name is Randy….”

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Hi Randy!

Dutchess_III's avatar


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Oh my goodness, has Randy been here too? I’m so glad Fluther is moderated. So only the nice people answer.

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Who do you want to bitch slap right now?

Nice people only, please.

Earthgirl's avatar

Randy you haven’t answered the critical question yet! Puffed or crunchy??? What will it be? Be nice now, Randy….

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I think Randy is way too egocentric to answer one of our questions. He is too busy demanding we answer his, if we are nice people.

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I’m like @Earthgirl. It has to be crunchy. Only crunchy.

(Is there any other way to enjoy them?)

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I wish people would simply shun this fruitcake whenever he shows up instead of engaging him so entertainingly.

At least our mods are quick on the draw.

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Anything involving my sometimes precarious emotional state…

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