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When you cook or bake for others, what precautions do you take to ensure that your hair won't get in the food?

Asked by jca (35976points) May 12th, 2012

tI specify “for others” because I assume when people cook for just themselves or their households, they don’t worry about hair so much. However, when cooking or baking something that is going to be brought elsewhere, I assume people want to take some precautionary measures to ensure their hair won’t fall into the food.

My hair is somewhat long and if I am baking something that will be brought to someone else’s house, I’ll tie my hair up or pull it back with combs. I would be horrified if people bit into something I made and it had hair in it, and unfortunately, usually when that happens, people don’t say anything, they just think it’s disgusting but don’t want to insult the cook (at least I wouldn’t).

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I have to do this at my baking job. We’re supposed to wear hats, but the hats are hot, unvented and too big. So, I pull my hair back into a ponytail and then put a bandana over it. Like this except that I’m not quite so cute! So far, it seems to work.

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I usually don’t do anything special. I usually wear my hair tucked back behind my ears anyway.

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I put mine in a pony tail, even when cooking for myself. I hate to bite down on something and a long piece of hair comes out of it. Ick.

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When I’m cooking/baking, I put my hair in a ponytail so it stays out of my way, and it works for keeping hair out of the food as well.

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Like @tedibear I wear a bandana whenever I’m cooking. I think hair should be completely covered with a net or scarf when cooking. Even hair that is tied up or pinned back could possibly have a stray hair that could fall out.

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I think about this too. I always brush my hair out first, then tie it back into a tail. Then I put on whatever clothes I’m going to wear while cooking. I have long, red hair and I totally don’t want any of it in the food. I never want to see someone stretch their arm away from their mouth, examine something in their hand, and then turn and look at me.
I would be very, very, very (HAH! Other thread!) mortified!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Are you kidding? That’s my secret ingredient!

Actually, from watching my Mom cook, I am more worried about scales from my psoriasis getting in the food. It used to freak me out watching her make meatloaf.

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Two words: hair net (the secret of cafeteria ladies everywhere)!

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I don’t like wearing anything that infringes on my tonsorial rights, so out of consideration for my prospective guests, I’ve hired Bruce Willis, Vin Diesel, Mike Tyson, and Sinead O’Connor as my bakers. ;-)

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I have a lot of very long, thick hair, and it it gets everywhere… and I mean everywhere. So when I’m cooking, whether for myself or for others, I pretty much always pull my hair back. I first run my fingers through my hair to get any of the loose hairs out, and then I pull it into a top knot bun. No complaints yet!

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I appreciate those of you having long hair being so considerate. I don’t think baked hair would do anybody any harm, but it is unappetizing to find one in your food. I never realized it was another reason to keep my hair short. I thought I had short hair because I didn’t like to fuss.

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I’ve never taken any special precautions with my hair when baking for someone else. In all my years of cooking and baking I have yet to find a hair in any cooking.

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Nothing. We are much more likely to have dog hair in our food. Anyone who comes into our house has to deal with it.

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I too have long hair and I cook all the time. I’ve never had my own hair end up in my food, but I have had lots of cat hair in my mouth, but that’s because I give my cat kisses all the time, but not when I’m cooking. I ususally just tie my hair up in a pony tail to keep it out of my face and out of the flames from the stove.

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Kardamon got here first but I was going to ask that you please PM this info to Milo, who, in spite of being almost perfect, does shed.

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I don’t really do anything. I usually wear a hairband anyway though. If anyone has ever found my hair in food I have made for them they have been polite enough not to mention it I guess.

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When my hair was long, I just put it in a ponytail. Now my hair is short, and it’s a non-issue.

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None ever and I rarely wash my hands. Who wants a cake? ;) No but seriously. I just don’t think about it. I’m not gross. And I wash them when I poop. Hair is not really a big deal anyhow….I certainly don’t WANT a hair in my food but if it’s my friends (which obviously it would have to be a pretty good friend too to be baking you something!) I’m not gonna be grossed out other than pulling it out of my throat, which I hate.

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I am fortunate that my hairline has receded far enough that what’s left is out of range of the ingredients I handle. Lucky me!

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I always wear my long-ish hair back in a ponytail or bun when I’m cooking or eating. Well, I wear it like that most of the rest of the time, too. It gets in my damn way!

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I put my long hair in a ponytail and I make sure I don’t have any strays on my shirt or shirt sleeves.

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I don’t worry so much about my own hair ending up in food I serve other people. I want to know what precautions my dog might consider taking to make sure her hair doesn’t end up in my food. She sheds like crazy. Her hair is fricking everywhere.

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@augustlan Ha! Like you ever actually cook. ;)

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@mangeons LOL

@augustlan: Busted! By your own daughter! That’s got to hurt. :-)

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@mangeons Hey! I cook at least twice a year. ;)

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@augustlan MAYBE once, if we’re lucky!

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I tie my hair back.

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