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Facebook: I am not on Facebook, and yet I got a message saying I asked for a password reset. (Arrgh). Help?

Asked by DarlingRhadamanthus (11273points) May 12th, 2012

I am not on Facebook by choice. Today, I got a very “official looking message” that stated that I had requested a password reset a few days ago and that I need to “click on this link” to complete the reset. It came from “” an address which looked/sounded like “landmines”. Everything on the note looked as if it had been generated from Facebook. I have never registered my address on Facebook at all. I keep my personal mail address different from my business addresses, etc. None of which are registered on Facebook. Is this a way to get info from me? Or get into my email account?

I didn’t click on anything….have I compromised my email account just by opening the email itself? Any info from you tech savvy Jellies would be appreciated.

(This really bothered me…I feel that the whole world is being forced to be on Facebook…or being affected by the whole Facebook phenom…loathe it….but that’s for another posting.)

Thanks for reading.
p.s. if this is a recurring, commonplace thing for people and fake (as I assume it is) I have never received one…so apologies if this is an “eye-roller-duh” question

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