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I drank way too much coffee this morning, how can I flush it out?

Asked by partyrock (3870points) May 12th, 2012

I drank a lot of coffee this morning for breakfast and now I feel very jittery and not good… is there any possible way I can make this go away faster? Am I just going to have to “wait it out” ? Would drinking lots of water flush it out?

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Lots of water and lots of peeing.

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Eat and drink.

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have a meal, rocker chick.

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Drink lots of water caffeine dehydate you

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Eat heavy foods such as eggs or a sandwich and drink plenty of water…and avoid drinking coffee for the next few days.

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What everyone else already said. The other day this happened to me severely and I was at work all day, hadn’t eaten, and had 2 cups of really strong good coffee. I drink a lot of coffee but this shit was just strong and I was off my rocker. I ate a heavy meal and drank a lot of water, took a shower, then drank some alcohol and from about an hour or an hour and a half from when I first started noticing how bad it was I was feeling better.

Does anyone know if alcohol slows down the effects of caffeine or not? I was actually googling THIS question the other day in the midst of my coffee freakout and someone suggested that because when someone is really drunk they give them coffee to sober up a bit, it might work in the reverse way too. But I don’t know for sure. But it seemed to for me the other night.

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The problem will take care of itself with time.

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Nothing as far as I know. You just have to wait for your body to metabolize it like any other drug.

@deni You can take downers to conteract the uppers, but it doesn’t flush the drugs out of the system, it just drugs you up more.

Coffee for a hangover helps wake the person up and relieve the headache, but it does not get rid of alcohol in the system. By the time someone is hungover the alcohol is gone anyway. As far as sobering them up, it does not make them less drunk, again it does not get the alcohol out of the body, but it can increase the person’s alertness.

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As everyone else said: Water.

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I drink a lot of coffee (usually 5–8 cups a day) . I’ve tried drinking a beer to calm me down when I’ve had too much and it made me more hyper. A little food, milk and relaxation helps to calm me down when I’ve had too much coffee.

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It will flush you out. LOL!

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I am not a doctor, but I don’t see how water will help. The chance she is dehydrated is very low, and so her kidneys are probably functioning normally. If water flushed drugs out of our systems at a significantly faster rate, everyone who drinks excessive water, which Is a lot of people, would not get better on normal doses of their medication they take for illness or to maintain chronic conditions.

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@JLeslie My understanding is coffee is a dehydrant and she is dehydrated. Water will combat that. While it won’t “flush” the caffeine out of her system it will counter the jittery feeling by equalizing her system back to a hydrated state.

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@missingbite It doesn’t dehydrate enough in my opinion. But, I am not an expert in physiology. Maybe an esperesso that is mega strong. If someone is thristy coffee is going to hydrate them more than not drinking anything. No one should pass on drinking coffee if they are thirsty and that is all that is around. They aren’t going to be in a worse position by drinking coffee. At least not how I understand it. Are there better, more hydrating drinks that are better for electrolyte balance? Sure there are.

Water helps to flush the kidneys, no question, I am not arguing that. I am only arguing how effective it is to flush toxins and medication through faster when a person is adequately hydrated anyway.

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Caffiene does a lot of things:

1. Decrease bloodflow to stomach (appetite suppression).
2. Increase bloodflow to the brain
3. increase kidney function to process it
4. decreases functional water supply in the body (due to #3)
5. increases movement of waste through bowels (laxative)

*in reference to 4&5 pretty much the body attempts to flush caffiene out of the system.

Increasing water intake combats all these changes by allowing the body to cleanse itself quicker.

incidentally sustained caffeine use will build up a tolerance and an addiction to the drug.

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@JLeslie caffeine is not like most prescription drugs, some are time released, some are compounds natural to the body, so are not filtered. Others are, as you reference, foreign to the body so are filtered quickly. Caffeine falls among the later category.

Water is the currency that the body uses to rid itself of wastes, which would build up to toxic levels within minutes without it. In this case water does speed up the processing of caffeine by allowing the kidneys to function faster as filters.

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@noraasnave Thanks! I couldn’t say it that well. GA!

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Ok, so I went ahead and googled to check myself, because you made me think twice. It just makes no sense to me that a mostly water drink is going to dehydrate past the point of the content of the water in the drink (except for high concentrations of salts). Here you go:



Maybe you will find information to the contrary. I didn’t readily.

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Wait it out.

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Try to drink some relaxing tea, like chamomile, valerian, mint, or passionflower.

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You can’t. Caffeine is metabolized by the liver, which takes time. The only thing you can do is refrain from substances that compete with caffeine for processing time in the liver like alcohol or medication.

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