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Are stretch marks on breasts a turn off?

Asked by Reggz (149points) May 13th, 2012

I have an endocrine disorder that has caused stretch marks all over my breasts. They are a bright reddish purple color and needless to say I am super self-conscious of them. So much so that I’m afraid to let my boyfriend look at them when we are intimate. I can’t really hide them from him and he’s never said anything but I can’t help but wonder if they are a huge turn off.

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If he loves you, he will love your breasts. They are part of you. Show faith in him. Let him love your breasts.

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It depends on your boyfriend’s predilections. You’re correct that this is not a traditional look for breasts, but hell, something is everyone’s bag – human sexuality is endlessly varied. Might be exactly his thing. I’d take everything you just typed, almost word for word, and say it to Mr. Boyfriend. He’s the only person who can tell you what turns him off. Besides, emotional intimacy is important in relationships, and I think it can be as big a turn-on as any physical attribute when my SO decides to trust me with info I know it makes him nervous to share.

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Everybody has flaws, blemishes, birthmarks, or stretch marks….the list goes on. But the key here is he is with you and I assume loves you. As a man, breast shape or size was never a factor for me whether I loved that woman or not and I bet he feels the same about this issue. I truly believe the best thing to do is discuss this elephant in the room….even turn the lights on and show him what you are self conscious about.

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I have large surgical scars on my abdomen and for a long time I was very embarassed to be seen in a bikini because of them. No one saw them for a very long time, and I was convinced that they were disgusting/gross and no one would want to look at that! Imagine my surprise some years later when a man who truly loved me proclaimed my scars “sexy”!!! Just goes to show ya – trust him, he might just surprise you!

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I haven’t seen your breasts and I don’t need to.

This sort of thing is much much more of an issue in YOUR mind than it is in the boyfriend’s. In my experience, we love the WHOLE person, not one boob or one blemish or one stretch market.

In fact, if you stop worrying about, I’ll be that you will feel better and the tension that he feels because of you worrying about it will go away.

Basically, you are what you are. Nothing you can do to change it. So enjoy the whole person that you are.

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Any man who loves you will love your breasts, or at least the stretch marks won’t bother him. The scars left from my breast reduction make me self conscious, but no one who has seen them seems to mind.
You may need to change your mindset a bit so that you’re less critical of your body (easier said than done).

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I am sure a lot of people will disagree with this, but I think as a culture we embrace a fiction that if you love someone, you love everything about them.

I think this is unrealistic. Sometimes people have very real flaws. It’s ok to think your partner is flawed, and to acknowledge these things as flaws, and not pretend that you like it about them.

Your boyfriend might dislike the stretch marks on your breasts (although none of us can say for sure how he feels). But I think that’s ok. He has decided that he wants to be with you, stretch marks and all.

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I have always told my wife that her stretch marks were created by our three kids.

How could they be anything but beautiful?

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Ask him. Some of my favorite parts of my husband’s body are his “flaws.” His wrinkles on his face, his scars, his stretch marks. I was just in a bad accident and now have long scars across my breasts. I am adjusting mentally myself that I now have this new part of my body, plus other scars in other areas from the accident.

If the stretch marks are new, and if your skin is fair, the marks will likely fade in color.

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I’ve been fortunate enough to see around 20 pairs of breasts in my intimate life time. Two or three of them had stretch marks like what you are mentioning. They did not turn me off at all. I was curious as to their cause (I know one of them had been a girl who was probably 30 pounds heavier at one point and had much larger breasts, and when she lost the weight she ended up with marks on her breasts.. which had shrunk significantly).

Trust me, if he’s about to do you, they are not a problem at all for him. The ones I saw didn’t bother me, and I didn’t even have a serious relationship with any of those girls.

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@Blondesjon, I don’t think that’s very helpful to someone whose stretch marks were created by an endocrine disorder, but whatever. Good for you guys.

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