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What makes women (or men, for that matter) go into the adult video business?

Asked by elbanditoroso (22758points) May 14th, 2012

A couple of notes to set context:

1. I’m not being judgmental. I enjoy looking at the occasional adult video or set of pictures. We live in a free country (mostly) and it’s (so far) legal.

2. I have admiration for the people who do this sort of work. I couldn’t. But these people put themselves out there every day.

3. I’m not asking a moral question at all. I’m asking a practical, economically based question. Spare me the sermons.

What makes a person decide that they want to make adult movies or have photos taken of them?

Some of the anti-porn crowd insist that all porn actresses or actors come from broken homes or were unloved by their fathers or mothers. While that may be true for some, but I don’t buy the explanation for the vast majority of them.

I’ve read that drug habits are a part of it, but I definitely don’t buy that because a drug habit wouldn’t leave a person in good enough physical shape to look good on camera.

Is it exhibitionism? That’s fine with me. Is it the money? The ability to be a star with very little skill? Maybe.

I guess I’m asking – why would a 24 year old girl or guy decide that adult video (or photography) is the career choice for them?

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Sex, money, and for some, being filmed.

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If you got it, flaunt it! And the money.

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Oldest reason in the world: Money.

A few other reasons could be: Some people could be addicted to sex and this may be the only way for them to get it all the time. Some might be doing it, (pardon the pun) simply for the fame and recognition.

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I think it’s money. Whilst a lot of us claim that we would never do such a thing, regardless of how much money is on offer, I think , for those that do “just this once” to pay off debts or something, it becomes an addiction (the amount of cash they can earn that is) and so they switch off to what they are actually doing.

I do think that some of the actors genuinly enjoy sex as well.

I don’t have a problem with these reasons at all. Like you, I enjoy watching porn every so often and if I could be more relaxed about who I have sex with (I have only ever been able to have sex with someone I am in love with at the time) I can’t say that I would completely rule it out myself! If the price was right I would consider softer girl on girl porn!

Sadly, I think there are probably quite a few that naively believed endless promises of fame and fortune as a “movie star” only to find themeselves making pornos.

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Fun and profit.

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I agree it is almost certainly for financial reasons. Think about the average age of these people—late teens, early 20s. At most unskilled jobs (e.g., retail) they would probably be lucky to make $10/hour, so even working full time we are talking $400 per week, and that’s before taxes. And probably at a job that is very rote, with a manager who’s a dick, and a constant barrage of irritated customers. By contrast, according to the internet, a woman can make $500 to $1000 in under an hour doing a solo masturbation scene on camera.

An adventurous 18 year old doing a couple of shoots a week could pay for a Lexus in a cash after a couple months of work.

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Being a Web developer brings you in contact with all sorts of people. I happen to know one site owner who offers specialty videos for klismaphiliacs. I know that his lure to recruit new actresses and actors is the money. Good clean fun for $500 per hour.

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MONEY, oh and money!

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I just read a few articles about it. Non-scientific sample. There were articles where the actors claimed to love sex. There were articles where the author claimed that everyone who did it was abused and was a drug or alcohol abuser. I guess they both probably explain part of the truth.

And money, of course. Without money, no one would do it, except possibly for a very few exhibitionists.

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The men get to bang all those nice-ish looking girls, get wads of cash thrown at them & get filmed doing it, hmmmm…....I wonder why they chose to do so ;¬}

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Lucky people like their job. REALLY lucky people love it.
Where does that put porn stars?

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So there’s really that much money to be made from it? I wonder if there’s a market for 32 year old droopy moms…

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For the same reason that people watch the product…....

They need to.

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@WillWorkForChocolate There’s a lot of MILF porn, so I’m sure there’s a market for it. A friend told me.

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There is also Granny Porn. ^told me.

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32 isn’t that old, @WillWorkForChocolate – and you this could be one of those “work from home” jobs…

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From what I’ve read, women get paid much more than men in this line of work. That rarely happens elsewhere!

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There’s also a market for “amateur” porn (read people who don’t look like porn stars doing it).

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Money, at least a little bit. There are those who need faster, bigger cash than other jobs will get them, but there are also those who are exhibitionists and would be having sex on camera anyway, so they might as well get paid for it. Some go into it because they’re upset with what they see in porn (or more accurately, what they don’t see), and want to change it.

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Why does everyone keep saying money is the reason? Are you saying women don’t like having 10 guys ejaculate on their face and in their mouth?

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I suspect things have changed with the exposure to porn among younger people. For some, I imagine it’s pursuit of celebrity as much as anything.

Plus the sex and the money. If a young woman is told she’s good at sex, she may see it as an easy, low hours, high esteem job. For many people, money is the means to satisfying an addiction, whether the addiction is drugs, cars, clothes, or Garrison Keillor CDs. You gots to have the green to feed your machine.

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@Blackberry Some women do, but the entire reason to not only film it but then sell it for money is… money.

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@Blackberry I don’t really enjoy it on my face, but…

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somewhere else, then

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