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What should I do if I think I've been scammed on Ebay?

Asked by chelle21689 (7773points) May 14th, 2012

Damn, why does this always happen to me? It’s the second time!

I ordered Optimum Nutrition Mint Chocolate protein shake from ebay because I found a great deal and it was pretty cheap with free shipping! Unlike, it was a bit more expensive. Anyways, I decided to buy from the ebay person.

On May 7th, I received a protein shake Optimum Nutrition Mint Chocolate. I thought it may have been from the ebay seller but it was from! I was thinking, “This is crazy…$50? I didn’t buy this from bodybuilding!” So I called bodybuilding on that receipt to make sure the charge wasn’t on my credit card. They told me the credit card last digits but it didn’t match mine. They told me that I had received a stolen product and that I have the choice to send it back or pay for it 20% off. I was thinking 20% off was a good deal so I chose to buy it.

Over a week later, I decided to check back on my protein purchase from Ebay. I looked at the tracking # and it said it was already delivered only I had never received it. I’m so confused. I think it’s very fishy that I had received a protein shake that same day from Bodybuilding….So that means I paid two times for one shake!!

Besides, that seller has good ratings but never responded to my messages. I’m worried that this was a scam only I can’t prove it because it said it had already been delivered to my door!! I never saw the protein shake from the ebay seller…

What do I do?? I can’t prove this!

I called and their staff. His words were “The Fraudulant person uses someone else’s credit card to purchase from our site. Once they purchase the products they then sell them on ebay as if they were there own to make a profit in cash.
Swoll Joel: And they send you the box that we sent them
Swoll Joel: Which is why it says
Swoll Joel: But it does not have anything to do with us.””

I don’t know what to do anymore. It’s not the same tracking # as the one from ebay either. I paid TWICE for a stupid product. People are telling me it’s my fault and I should’ve known better. I don’t deserve this.

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Contact ebay and tell them the same story you just wrote above. Tell them YOU WANT YOUR MONEY BACK no if and’s or but’s.

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Go to *My Ebay”
Under “Purchase History” go to “Leave Feedback” (for this purchase).
Under “Leave Feedback” click on “More Actions” then click on “Resolve a Problem”.

Fill out a report against the seller. In the customer support center you can also call Ebay. I highly recommend you do both: Fill out a report and call ebay. Let them know all of the details you wrote above. One, you should receive a full refund. Two, if they’ve had any other complaints like this, they can revoke the seller’s account.

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Thanks so much. I posted this question somewhere else, and people were no help telling me nothing illegal happened. Gave me no solution

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@chelle21689 This certainly sounds like a scam to me. I have actually purchased the same types of shakes online for friends (to help them save money). If this happened to me, I’d complain loudly.

It’s your money and your time that has been wasted. I’d let ebay customer service handle this with the seller, since the seller hasn’t returned contact with you.

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I have a big headache. Thanks everyone.

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I swear, I had to explain my story to 6 different people at three different places! I hated it. I wanted to stick to one person but each time the company (whichever I was talking to) would always have me with a new person. Anyways, finally had my bank investigate and temporarily dismissed the charge until they find out what’s really going on.

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Great job fighting it @chelle21689.

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I know this is old, but in case this happens to anyone else, this is how they do it. SO PLEASE REPORT THE SELLERS ON EBAY!

The seller on ebay lists the item at a cheaper price. Then, after you pay them, they use a stolen credit card number to order the item from and have it shipped to you. They never really had the item. You pay them for nothing, and someone else’s card gets charged for the real item.

Someone stole my card number and used it to do this scam. removed the charge and I had to cancel my card and get a new one.

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I had the same thing happen within the past two weeks. I purchased from an ebay seller and received the product a couple of days later. I have no idea what the original packing list said. But then, two weeks later, another package shows up with the same product. This time I looked at the packing slip. It had my name in the ship to and someone else’s name in the sold to section. I figured someone in shipping must have made a mistake. But then I realized that it came from So I contacted them and they gave the same explanation of someone using a stolen credit card and that I could buy the product for 20% off. I have no idea who is on the hook for the original package that I received two weeks earlier. I have opened and have been using the product. I am going to ship the second one back.

Here is the thing. When I did a google search on this topic, posts about this scam and are not uncommon and they date back to 2010. Am I the only one who is thinking there could be something more than stolen credit cards here. I’m not even sure the stolen credit card explanation makes sense. It seems to at first, but when you start thinking about the details of it, it really doesn’t.

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