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What funny jelly just reached 30,000 lurve?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (30550points) May 14th, 2012

It’s ucme! Let the jokes begin!

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You are so right! Every time I look in the mirror I do see me!
Congrats on the 30 K!

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Congrats to the king of witty repartee and inimitable one liners!

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Congrats! Let the silliness begin…

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“Two Mancunians go to bookies to place a bet on the footie…........”

Congratulations @ucme!

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Congratulations you! Why do the elephants have big ears? (I expect you to know the answer to thisone!)

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Congratulations @ucme

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Wae’aye man! 30K! Congratulations @ucme. You really do often make me smile with your witty, cheeky responses. Don’t stop doing what you do and being who you are. And you are a smart arse, but that’s not a bad thing in this case.

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Congo Rats UCME! You are one of the contributors that make this site what it is!

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Congratulations! Can’t wait to see what your rooms in the mansion look like.

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Incredible, edible achievement! Congrats!

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Congrats! You’re one of my favorite people on here, I always love reading your funny answers! A well deserved achievement, keep on keepin’ on!! :-)

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Great job!!

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I see you, ucme. We’re two branches of the one tree. That’s all!

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Sweet, congratulations man! Keep on with your badass self, friend. Cheers! :)

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Yay! Congrats!

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Hey ucme. Congrats. I always give you crap about being English and you always let it roll off. Keep the stiff upper lip.

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Congrats friend!

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Fact from fiction, truth from diction. I planned this for weeks, I got you one of these, but the tax man took it. I then got you one of those, it got stolen. I then got you one of these but she ran away. All I have left is “well done”.

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OMG, it is Unbelievable that you have achieved such feats of legerdemain! Heartfelt congratulations @ucme!!!

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Yumping yimminy! Congrats on the 30K! This achievement only confirms my initial thoughts about you- that you will go far in this life and are destined for greatness!

I’ll be watching you.

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Dude…ya gotta be an ENTP personality like me, nobody can come up with the perverse sentiments that you do! Out of the box? Fuck the box, there is no box big enough to contain your inane musings. Cheers! This Tsing Tao is for you!

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Oy mate! Time to celebrate! Get the wife and eat some kippers and onions!

Now, that’s a celebration!


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I See You . . .


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Congrats, ucme! :)

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Mazel tov @ucme!

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Gimme a “U” for unique
Gimme a “C” for clever
Gimme a “M” for magnanimous
Gimme an “E” for eccentric

What does it spell?


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Congratulations! What did the big blue elephant say to the small green elephant?

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@Sunny2 What did it say?

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Congrats on the 30 grand you silly man you!

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Congratulations funny man!

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30 thousand laughs and more to come…cum? CONGRATZ!!!!

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C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S ! ! !

@Hawaii_Jake is always on top of these announcements. ^ ^

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ucme, you are a genius.
I’ve learned so much from you. Mostly, you taught me that poodles are not skinny sheep. :P
Seriously, that’s the funniest thing I’ve ever heard. You’re the best. :)

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Love your jokes and quips :D

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Yeeeeeeehaaaaaaa, well done! May the mansion’s top floor quarters’ doors open wide for you!

Here’s to the next 30K…..

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@Coloma “Radio!”

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@ucme What can I say? I just fucking love you to death. Congratulations!

Oops! I forgot. Will you join me for a Black and Tan?

Bass Ale and Guiness Stout? On me, in honor of your 30,000k?

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@digitalimpression : I tuned into Fluther at the time the announcement popped up on the community feed. I was quite surprised when I clicked on Meta Section and no one had yet asked the congratulatory question. Still, I love throwing parties! Drinks with little umbrellas in them for everyone!

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Hello, hello, hello, what’s going on here then?
Once again a “party” for moi kicks off when i’m tucked up in bed, sleeping the night away…..great timing @Hawaii_Jake ;¬}
I shall get back to you all by way of appreciation, because it’s only right & proper.

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@ucme : This song is for you.

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@Hawaii_Jake Not a patch on Judy’s version, nice images though.

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That’s a nice version @Hawaii_Jake. Well we have music, we should organise party food. I think these things all come from around your way @ucme. Perhaps not perfectly local but hopefully close to.

We could start with some beer

Or perhaps this one

Or not a local beer, but one of my favourites

Anyone for some food

Perhaps some Northumberland sausage and clapshot would work better?

Anyone for some Stottie Cake

Oh and perhaps a bit of pease pudding

People could take some Kendal Mint Cake home in case they need an energy boost.

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@Bellatrix You’re the last one to post so you get “served” first.
I love Newckie Brown, as it’s known here, beautiful stuff. Pork pies & stottie cake not so much, although that is a wonderfully named foodstuff.
Sausages I do like though, so gimme several ales & a ton of bangers & i’m a happy bunny, cheers love ;¬}

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@LuckyGuy Hope it’s smiling back at you, cheers.
@rooeytoo I still say your name as Scooby Doo would, thanks for that.
@chyna Silliness? What here? Whatever gave you that impression? Thanks pwetty lady ;¬}

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@rebbel….& the united fan runs away in shame as the city fan laughs his balls off. Thanks
@Trillian There are any number of potential punchlines to that gag, none of them clean. Here’s one for you, What do elephants use for vibrators? Epileptic pygmies. Thanks m’dear
@WestRiverrat Cheers.

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@Bellatrix Oh, i’ve done you already…....oops, not in that way :¬)
@filmfann So long as no one farts, then i’m okay with that. Cheers.
@DaphneT I want a great big playroom, that’s all. Thanks.
@bvdshec17 Thank you.
@jca See above.

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This is taking for bloody ever, how many different ways of saying thanks…..sheesh ;¬}
Okay, last ones for now, gotta run.
@mangeons That was sweet of you & all I can say is you must have impeccable taste, cheers pet ;¬}
@cprevite Yeah, wasn’t bad was it? Thanks.
@stardust How very poetic, cheers for that.
@Symbeline You just know I will, cheers hun ;¬}

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You are a consistent humorous presence in our vast ocean, Ucme! Our comedy buoy, as it were ;-) I can always count on you for a smile, even amidst the most acrimonious of exchanges. Thank you for being here, and congratulations!

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Yep, finely timed brevity can topple the most hardcore generals. lol

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Damn, how could I miss this?
Not going to apologise for being so fashionably late, as it’s @ucme‘s party after all.
So, how you doin @ucme ?

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30Kongratulations. Incredible! You can’t be like this in real life.

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@flutherother I bet he is! lol So am I, always the outspoken jokester. ;-)

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Okay, i’m back to tidy up this happy, congratulatory thread.
@Everyonenotyetmentioned…....I’ve frequently stated that the lurve numbers on here are ultimately meaningless & insignificant, whilst in my opinion that remains the case, it seems these party threads, such as they are, provide evidence to the contrary.
I guess what i’m trying to say is that I appreciate your kind & let’s face it, accurate sentiments given here. Cheers all, a good bunch when all’s said & done :¬)

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Amazing feet and feat. I am humbled to be part of the party.

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@flutherother Well of course, there’s a time & a place & all that shite, but yeah, i’m a happy fucker who takes the piss, only in a good way though…sometimes.
@blueiiznh So you should be ;¬}

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Why aye man, like, watcha think ya doin?? Reachin thir’y K when ah have’nae even got ta ten? Ah thort it was suppos’ tae git harder like? We cannae all be as pop’lar as yuu, ya know! :¬p An afta I threw yer twen’y K party ‘n’all… the leas’ you coulda dun was wait fer me to catch yer up!

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Eeeh, why ello there bonnie lass how ya deein?
Ah niva forgot thow threw me party afore this un ya nar, ah was reet touched so ah was.
Am owa the moon ya fund the time to come owa & play, cheers pet ;¬}

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Heh heh. You Canadians talk funny.

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30K Cheers! I can honestly say you are one of my favvvorittte and funny Flutherite. Lurve your posts… Congratulations!!!!

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Dammit, I missed this one. Congratulations to you, sir! You make me laugh all the time, and I’m so happy you’re here.

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@AstroChuck or anyone else who dare pick up the challenge, translate @harple‘s & myself’s conversation as best as you can & there may be a cash prize on offer.
Shut up you, I know you can’t be bothered. I was talking to the nice people only ;¬}

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@AmWiser & yes, you too @WillWorkForChocolate Again, I can only admire your impeccable taste. Cheers!

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How much cash?

ucme's avatar

Err, American Express?

Bellatrix's avatar

There will be a 3.5% surcharge with that Sir!

ucme's avatar

I can do that, go for it madam!

Bellatrix's avatar

I will send it in a private message. I don’t want to spoil the fun.

ucme's avatar

Fair enough, but take heed, i’m a firm but fair teacher & will “mark your work” accordingly, unless you bring an apple in for me, that may work in your favour.

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:-| I think I included an apple… oh and a bottle of newckie brown…

ucme's avatar

Teacher’s pet ;¬}

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I pronounced your name (mostly to myself) as Uk-Me for the longest time until one day it hit me. Since then, I’ve always looked for the joke in your answers. Congratulations on a great achievement.

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Late as usual…Congratulations!!!! u c me! You see me?!

ucme's avatar

@marinelife Uk-Me….I like it. Long way to go before I reach your lofty heights. Thanks.
@prasad I can’t see you, but I feel your good vibes. Thanks.

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I’m sorry for being late. Congratulations to you!! I love your sense of humor.

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Congratulations on 30K @ucme! Your pithy and to-the-point responses always make me smile.

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@geeky_mama pithy..I love that word! I will have to find a way to use it today, somehow, somewhere. lol

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@marinelife @ucme I also used to think it was Ukme until very recently when I realised it was U see me. But because I used to read it as ukme all the time, I still mentally read it as that lol!

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@Ayesha There is no late, you’re just making a suitably grand entrance. Thanks.
@geeky_mama I’m glad to hear it. Cheers!
@Coloma Are you taking the pith? There’s one option anyway.
@MilkyWay I may just ask to change my username to that, I definitely like the sound of it.

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So sorry I’m late. I was trying to finish editing the movie we made for you, to show at the party. Of course the name of the movie also has the name of one of the characters in the movie (which is an action comedy about your life) so the title of the movie is You See This Movie is Not about Me It’s about UCME. In addition to us Jellies being cast as extras, we were able to talk the following bespectaled actors into to re-creating the farting scene from Blazing Saddles, along with other key scenes: Woody Allen, Daniel Radcliffe, Patrick Stewart , Tina Fey, and Diane Keaton. The crucial scene comes at the end, when all of us Jellies end up following your slow speed car chase (ala O.J. Simpson) back to the mansion. But instead of surrendering to the police and being arrested, Auggie pulls out her tickle feather and lets you have it, then she hands you a freshly bathed puppy-dawg : )

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You are one funny dude. You really add something great to Fluther. Congrats for a great milestone.

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@Kardamom Your powers of imagination are to your credit. Thanks.
@Buttonstc Thanks for that, appreciate it.

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Now @ucme, now you don’t.

Congraumalationitory @ucme !!!

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@wundayatta ?!?!?!? Didn’t you post already?

wundayatta's avatar

Yes. I hope there is no problem with posting again?

ucme's avatar

Not at all, tell me, what does that word mean? I simply must know.

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- You call that a bath? It’s not big enough to drown a mouse.
I wish you were a mouse

Nothing fawlty about you, my friend. Happy 30k and many more!!

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@Blueroses It’s like everytime I see your avatar I think of Flowery Twats , in a good way though, cheers :¬)

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I just noticed @flutherother & @wundayatta seem to be conducting their own private conversation, I wonder what it means.

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@ucme It’s kind of like gesundheit, only more obscure. With overtones of gemutlicheit. Which I feel I know what it means, but couldn’t actually tell you. I guess it’s a nice, salutary sneeze.

The Salutary Sneeze, and Other Gefustlimicheit.

If Edward Gorey and Maurice Sendak had a brain meld, that is the book they would have written.

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@wundayatta I shall sleep all the better for knowing that, thanks.

wundayatta's avatar

@ucme I shall be ever grateful that what seems like nonsense to me makes you sleep better. You are a gentleman and a scholar!

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Oh je ich dachte, es bedeutete durchfall. Traurig!

ucme's avatar

Rab C Nesbitt’s been on the piss again.

flutherother's avatar

It isn’t piss it’s diarrhoea.

ucme's avatar


ucme's avatar

Yes, very odd.

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Mmm, very very odd indeed old chap.
What are we to do with these foreign ruffians hmm?
Yes, odd indeed.

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