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How much weight will I lose?

Asked by ermojoe (17points) May 14th, 2012

Hello, I am 18 years old & currently 147 pounds at 5’2.
I’m trying to lose about 15 pounds.
Starting today, I’ve been eating about 1,000 calories & I went to the gym for almost hour & a half. 15 mins on the elliptical, 50 mins on an exercising bike & 15 mins on the treadmill.
How much weight do you think I will be able to lose in a month if I stick to this diet/workout plan? I plan on going to the gym 4–5 times a week.
Please & thank you!

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Seven pounds.

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NEVER go below 1,500 calories a day. Make sure you are getting at least 35–45 grams of protein a day. Include protein in EVERY meal. Do NOT push for more than a 1.5– loss per week.

The faster you lose the quicker you gain it back. Slow and steady wins the race.
You should be able to drop 15 lbs. easily within a 12 week span. Then, it is a matter of maintenance. Once you have reached your goal weight you CAN splurge 2 days a week, usually people choose weekends, but, whatever works for you.

I’ve been on this routine for years. Just pay attention all week long and then, if you want pizza or ice cream in the weekends no biggy.
Also, make sure you exercise at LEAST every other day, a 2–3 mile walk, weights, floor routines, whatever floats your boat.
Bottom line, eat less, move more, and drop the extra fats, sugars and carbs.

It;‘s Watermelon & Strawberry season…load up, good for you and extremely lowcal.
Fruits and veggies are the best source of healthy complex carbs.
Stop eating anything white. White sugar, white breads, flour, pastas, rice.
Only occasionally in moderation. It;s easy! Go for it!

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Oh btw, I was planning on working out maybe 4–5 days a week. If that helps. LOL thanks guys!

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@ermojoe Even better, but…you do need to give yourself a break. Don’t become obsessive about anything. It’s really amazing how well you can eat if you are paying attention. With the right attention to choices you won’t feel deprived at all. :-)

Best snack ever…a half cup of diced fresh strawberries covered in Yoplait strawberry cheesecake non-fat yogurt. :-D

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The diet part is what IMO is under question. 1,000 cals is below normal level and even if it was all fat and protein you are asking for trouble. Just exercise and eat smart which means cut out all carbs.

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I am unable to tell you the exact number but what I am sure that, if you stick to it for a long time, you will find it effective. Time can change everything and your efforts will be paid off, I believe that! Good luck to you!

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Yes, I agree with everyone here. I’m in the same boat as you.. I’m 24, 5’2 and just about the same weight. I would ideally like to lose 10 lbs. I’ve been exercising now 3 – 4 times a week (running / walking.. I usually do a combination of walking and running for 7 or 8 km) and I haven’t lost any weight now. The shape of my butt changed but it didn’t get smaller. It’s really discouraging because it’s SLOW.. just remember that it’s REALLY, really slow.

I would recommend getting protein powder and putting 2 tablespoons a day in water, food or milkshakes. This will keep you ‘full’ longer (although don’t think you won’t be hungry at all). Don’t worry about cutting down too much on cals.. eat 1,500 (at our weight 1,500 is OK). Sometimes you actually gain weight not eating enough cals because your metabolism slows down.

Just remember (as I am having this painful reminder every day).. it is SLOW.

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You may as well ask, ‘How long is a piece of string.’ Relax about the data side. Obsess less about the number of calories and the number on the scale. EAT properly. Eat REAL food. Exercise. When it comes to looking after our bodies, we need more philosophy and less empirical. Get the philosophy right and the empirical will follow.

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I would recommend not going below 1,200 cals at your height. 1,000 is very low, but the 1,500 mark is generally for taller people. However, you will lose weight if you eat 1,500. You must be eating over 2,000 at your weight.

People lose about a pound for every 3500 calaories they cut a week. So if you figure out what you were eating, if you cut the calories by 4–5,000 a week, and add in the exercise that is 2 pounds a week. Initially, the first few days you will lose a lot of water as your body is taking in kich less salt with your reduced eating, and needs to shed water.

I think the first week you will lose 3 pounds, and then 2 pounds a week for another 6 weeks.

Keep in mind how much you weigh is directly related to calorie intake not height. These are not real numbers, but say 1500 calories a day equals 120 pounds. If you are eating the 1500 eventually you will get down to that weight and maintain it. As soon as you start going back to more calories, let’s say up to 2,000, you will begin gaining back weight and eventually maintain what 2,000 calories a day equals, probably around 130. Again, those are kind of made up numbers, but not too far off with moderate exercise.

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I suggest you get a little calorie-counting app (I used one for iphone called Lose It for awhile) or program for your computer. Or if you can afford it, the FitBit is supposed to be a good tool. With aides like this, you can see your graph day by day and get a better sense of your progress and prospects.

You guys – seriously, no less than 1500 cal? I’m 5’, 110 lb, and 26 yo, and on a good day I manage only about 1200 cal. Then again, my trouble is with maintaining, not losing, so maybe there are different considerations…? These are questions for a nutritionist, I suppose.

edit – just read JLeslie’s response. These numbers make more sense to me.

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I lost 20 on less calories than that. I haven’t gained it back. I drank lots of water, and no sugar, bread, or any ‘white food’ (rice). Lots and lots fruit and veg. Small portions of chicken or fish with no fat on it.

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I tried a calorie counting program online but I screwed up on my very first day :p So that was officially that.

That being said, however, I’ve been doing 10km combination jogs/walks and I am seeing phenomenal results (while eating healthy but eating enough and estimating, rather than counting, calories and also while having a few drinks here and there).

So my advice would be: try doing really heavy workouts that tire you out. Push yourself. Running and walking is best. Go even when you’re sore the next day. And keep this up!

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That’s advertising diet pills, which are basically speed. Now, diet pills are fine, but when you get off them the lbs come back on faster than you can count them.

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