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What would you describe as spectacular?

Asked by mazingerz88 (19001points) May 14th, 2012

Spectacular! Such a lovely, wonderful, colorful and powerful word that denotes grandness and joyfulness whether of beauty or other magnificent qualities in a person, place, object or an event.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind, a memory perhaps, that befits to be called, Spectacular!

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Lady Gaga In the truest sense of the word.

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Fireworks reflecting off water and sparking through light misty skies.

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The emergence of the universe, galaxies, stars and planets.
The unfolding of life in all its splendor through evolution.
And last but not least, Son Goku’s Kamehameha.

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Yesterday on my river walk in my beautiful Sierra Mountain zone. Psychedelic yellow Forsythia everywhere, 3 foot tall purple mountain Lupine, cascading grasses overhanging the trails, the woods abuzz with dozens of species of buzzing and trilling birds. The raging white water of my river breaking over giant granite boulders and swirling and cascading downstream.

Nothing beats raw nature for “spectacular.”

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The beautiful full moon the other night that many jellies were talking about. It blows me away that people from all walks of life are looking at the same moon and feeling as excited as I was.

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@mazingerz88: wow, almost and a little fuzzier. We used to walk down to the harbor levy of San Francisco Bay and huddle in the broken up tombstones and rocks to watch fireworks lit off from SF, Oakland, Sausalito.

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The middle of the ocean at night while weathering a massive storm…. sneaking out onto the weather-decks (holding on tightly mind you) to witness the unsurpassed, unrivaled, and many times insurmountable power of nature.

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@dontmindme Ooooh Yes! Thundersnow is awesome, spectacular, good call! Welcome to the pod!

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Venturing out the morning after a cyclone has passed through, the damage and the untouched side by side, amazing.

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The night sky, on a clear cloudless night.

And my boobs.

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@dontmindme Thundersnow is pretty spectacular, and freaky too, isn’t it? The first and only time I experienced it was about 6 years ago, from the date on the video, and it made me wish I could have dialed something like1–800-RAPTURE to find out what the heck was going on it was so freaky. I’d never seen anything like it. I actually did call some friends in New York to see if whatever the hell it was that was going on where I was, was going on where they were.

And apparently I wasn’t the only one who felt that way. The next night I was watching the Colbert Report and he did a bit on the previous night’s thundersnow and it made me feel a lot better. Plus it was hilarious.

Steven Colbert on thundersnow

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Night, stars, the Rockies during the day but the Smokies in the morning or at night, falling in love, my kids’ laughter, a happy kitten, the glints in freshly fallen snow, rediscovering happiness, 360 degree sunsets, the sparkling greenery in Florida, moments with old friends… Ahhh…

I agree with @Coloma, raw nature in its many forms.

Thank you for asking—just made my night!

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There hasn’t been a whole lot of spectacular in my life recently but I guess the last spectacular thing that happened, that I saw, was the night I saw a Great Horned Owl, a couple of years ago. It was a grand bit of good luck and good timing. I smoke, yes I do, but I don’t smoke in my house, so I had gone out back to have a cigarette and I was sitting there and I heard this noise and looked up and this huge, I mean really huge, bird came flying in from the right, flew over my yard and landed and perched in my next door neighbor’s tree. The tree is very tall and broad and the birds seem to love it.

Even if you know that Great Horned Owls are big, that they are big and powerful enough to swoop down and grab a skunk or your cat, that they can have a wingspan of between 3 and 5 feet, I think it’s hard to get a sense of how really big they are, and this one was huge, until you actually see one. That was pretty spectacular.

Did I mention that it was huge? Because it really was. :-)

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Yeah, thundersnow would be right up there, but I think your kids would take the cake.

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The night sky.
A growing storm on the horizon.
The way I’m moved by certain music, art, poetry can be spectular.
Seeing my daughter become a mother.
Seeing the sonogram imagery of my granddaughter.

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My ass. 53 and still spectacular.

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Usually things to do with nature – something deserving.

Oh, and some types of failure.

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Spectacular moment over here just now. Noon and running around in my skimpy nighty watering the yard when my pervy old neighbor drives by and sends me running behind a tree. lol Yep, premiere, even in the freaking middle of nowhere on a private road I get caught with my pants down, er, skirt up. lololol

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My erect penis being given a soapytitwank, most likely by the wife…..although i’m not too fussy ;¬}

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@ucme Pet dog would do? Lol.

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cock-er spaniel, woof woof!!

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@ucme I think that should be “soapy tit wank.” It not all one word; it’s 3 separate words.

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@lillycoyote Ah yes, but it’s a very rude thing to say & instead of just going for the old nsfw trick, I thought i’d make it difficult for the kids to read, i’m thoughtful like that see.

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