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How often do you experience the "internet coma"?

Asked by WillWorkForChocolate (23098points) May 14th, 2012

So often, I find myself here, or on facebook, or watching videos on youtube, etc… then I look up and realize exactly how long I’ve been on the computer.

It seems like I’ve lost time. For example, I logged in here at 9:30, planning to leave a few comments and log out. I’ve been on for just over 30 minutes now.

I’ve lost two hours on youtube several times.

How often do you do this, where you plan to log in “just for a minute” then you realize you’ve been online for much longer than you intended?

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It happens frequently to me. It’s not a good thing either, I don’t think. It happened just few days ago. I had been on the internet and I thought it was like 8:00 p.m. or something and it was past 10:30. Abducted by the internet possiblu… there is a strange glow from a machine… and then you lose time… and when you come to your mind is filled with vague flashes of memory of being here, then there, then somewhere else and you can’t remember where you’ve been because someone, probably you, but who really knows, has cleared your history and you didn’t think to bookmark all or any of it possibly…

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Quite often, especially at porn sites. All of my body is comatose except my right hand. : )

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Story of my life. It has been since I first got on the Internet in 1992. By 1995 it was obvious to me I had to earn a living being in Cyberspace—that is when I wasn’t playing SimCity, Dr. Mario or Mario Cart.

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Not so often though it would help very long shifts pass more quickly. I do remember logging into a different site, intending just to see if some peops were around, maybe answer a few PM’s and before I knew it, several hours had gone by to the point I was late for somewhere else :)

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Every night. I feel guilty, like I should be reading a book or magazine instead. I feel like this is a waste of time, but I can’t help it. It’s not a waste of time, I know, it’s just that I feel like it’s time that could be or should be spent doing something else. Feelings are not always rational, anyway.

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At least once a week. Usually of an afternoon, which somehow turns to late evening.

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All. The. Time. :/

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Okay, Ash-Leigh. One more comment, and then you do your homework… Okay, one more…

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@AshLeigh LOL. I was just talking to myself too, on another thread. :-)

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What? I always know exactly what the time is and never go over the time I’ve set aside. Well, I did miss a dental appointment because I lost track of time, but nobody wants to go to the dentist. And there was a pot of soup that boiled over. I forgot to make a phone call that I had to make before 4 o’clock. The wet wash didn’t get into the dryer until the next day. But I’m in control of my time here. yup

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Way too often for it to be good for me. Imagine if we used all that lost time on some productive task that would help other people somewhere…

Now, must go and look at that You Tube clip.

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It happens for me all the time. Sometimes when I have to do something, for example homework, I can spend much time on absolutely nothing on the internet. When I’m sitting here, for example a saturday night and having a good time, time passes very quickly. Sometimes the whole night passes by.

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It used to happen a lot when I was younger. I was practically glued to my computer. I remember when chat rooms used to be the thing. I use to log in every day, in the afternoon and not get off until very early in the morning. Now I’m more aware of what time it is and I try and set aside special time to be on the internet, rather than all day, every day. And now when I surf the web, I try not to surf aimlessly. I try and do something productive online, like research on different countries and famous people.

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