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Do you like Bibimbap and Kim Chi?

Asked by rooeytoo (26966points) May 15th, 2012

I was just watching a show on Korean food and bibimbap was prominently featured. I love it, it is a balanced meal in one bowl. Kim Chi is another favorite. What are your favorite Korean foods?

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I love bibimbap, too, and kim chee is a favorite of many people around these parts.

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Hot Dog ~

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I visited a Korean engineering company at a job site in Mexico and had the honor of eating lunch with them. Kim Chi was the only thing remotely edible and is was horrible, foul, nasty yuck YUCK ptewie! OMG it made me so sick. I have to assume if was the real deal as it was a mess hall style meal and 6 years later it still makes me gag to think of that meal! I will admit it looked delicious but that smell….

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Definitely an acquired taste. One I haven’t acquired.

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I love both, but my favorite is beef bulgogi!

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I like the Korean seafood pancakes.

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Love them. I make kimchi stew and kimchi fried rice at home sometimes.

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Love kim chee. I used to get some homemade kim chee from a co-worker’s wife, and it would take the top of you head off. Delicious!

I also once had cooked cucumber in a Korean restaurant. It was great—like a whole different vegetable. Normally, I don’t care for cucumber, and it does not like me.

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I love kimchee but don’t know the other one. I’ll look for it.

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I love kimchee, but I have to make sure that it doesn’t have fish in it, because I’m a vegetarian. For that reason, I cannot eat bimbimbap.

I love Korean egg and scallion pancakes (pa jun). They’re ususally cooked ahead of time, then eaten cold or at room temperature with a dipping sauce.

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Being Korean (well, half) I love all the dishes… minus fermented skate wing.

@Kardamom bibimbap does not have to have meat in it, often with my korean grand parents and even with my mom they’ll cook up vegetarian/vegan bibimbap.

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Yep I actually prefer vegetarian bibimbap. But I though fish sauce was a main ingredient in kim chi, or doesn’t the sauce count?

Best I ever had was in Seoul, we were at the art gallery there and accidentally ended up in the employee cafeteria instead of the one for tourists. Also had a soup/stew with tofu and cabbage, actually not unlike a kim chi with tofu, it was excellent and hot as hell!

You know it was good if when you finish your nose is running and your lips are burning!

Thanks everyone for their answers and suggestions of new things to try.

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@rooeytoo I have watched kimchi being made and help make it myself, no fish necessary.

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@King_Pariah – what made me think of kim chi and Korean food in general was that I was watching a show on some Korean ladies in Australia who commercially prepare kimchi and sell huge quantities. They use cabbage of course, garlic, chilis, ginger, and fish sauce. So I was going based on that. I suppose everyone and every region has their own version. To me, it’s all good!

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Thanks @King_Pariah for letting me know that there is such a thing as vegetarian bibimbap. I’ve never made it myself, so I was just going by what I’ve seen in traditional korean restaurants.

@rooeytoo Most people think of kimchi as pickled, fermented cabbage, but there are hundreds of types of Kimchi using all sorts of vegetables. Most, but not all kimchi has some type of fermented seafood as a flavoring agent. Luckily, there is a local company that makes all sorts of pickled things, including sauerkraut at our farmers market and I got some delicious vegan kimchi there last week. I think Whole Foods market also sells a veg brand.

I don’t know how authentic this is, but I’ve found some good stuff in this vegetarian cookbook called Flavors of Korea

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