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What are some good types or flavors of tea (real tea) to make iced tea from, for a party?

Asked by jca (36054points) May 15th, 2012

I am having a party for my mom’s birthday, which is toward the end of June. It’s just a casual thing out on the deck, and since it will be summer time I want to serve some iced tea. I know there are tons of varieties and flavors of tea out there. What are some types or flavors of tea that I can make some nice, unusual iced tea out of?

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Orange Pekoe, cold steeped in refrigerator
6 bags tea
6 cups of cool water
some crushed Mint leaves
Let it set in refrigerator overnight or at least twelve hours.

NEVER store it in refrigerator longer than three days ( starts to grow things )

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Summer always brings to mind tea with lemon balm (a plant in the mint family), or fresh peaches, or fresh squeezed lemonade. This site is pretty comprehensive.

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Jamaica (Iced Hibiscus tea) would be a perfect summer drink, it’s refeshing and tartish.
Goes best with a liberal bit of fresh juice from a citrus fruit to bring out the citrusy flavor of the hibiscus.

Instructables has a simple recipe.

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Constant Comment and ginger ale is festive and delicious.

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Tazo Om is my favorite for iced tea. It has a light, slightly citrus flavor to it.

Stash Lemon Ginger Tea is also good, and caffeine free.

Or Harney and Sons Tea with coconut, ginger and vanilla.

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I use raspberry herbal tea for the people who don’t want caffeine. Proportions are on the box.

I add springs of fresh mint and a large handful of fresh raspberries either to the pitcher (where they usually sink to the bottom) or for a few people in their individual glasses.

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I once ran out of black tea and had to supplement with Earl Grey. it was very light and refreshing.

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I just came across this Blog where this woman has made her own homemade flavored iced teas using jams, fruit juices, sweetners and herbs and spices. Might be worth a try if you are feeling adventurous.

Plus I totally forgot about the good old Arnold Palmer, which is half iced tea and half lemonade.

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