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Do you wonder if people are addressing you directly on questions you stopped following?

Asked by Imadethisupwithnoforethought (14671points) May 15th, 2012

Do you think they are cranky with you for never responding?

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Sometimes I use lurve like a tap on the shoulder.

I wish we had an inbox for @messages.

I’m also bad at replying to emails IRL and wonder if they’re cranky with me.

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Never really thought about it, but I suppose it could happen.

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Hey, never thought of that! I would hope the jellies here would be forgiving and by default assume I’d stopped following as I often do after a day or two.

Like @ Nimis, I’d like a notification for @ replies and sometimes forget there isn’t one.

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This has never crossed my mind. I’m not of a suspicious nature, and as much as I enjoy fluther I rarely take anything personally.

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It must not apply to me, because I am still following nearly every question I ever answered and very rarely receive replies.

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Nope. I stop following and never look back. I figure if something bug happened someone would tell me.

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I never stop following a question, so no. I do wonder though if someone is following an older question that I’ve responded to.

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I wish there was a notification for the @‘s.

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There should be a notification for the @‘s! Ha. That’s a good idea.
I don’t really stop following things that often, but the few times that I do, I never really wondered.

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Yes, and shortly thereafter their stalker ass shows up on my doorstep.

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This is why I don’t stop following questions!

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I’m too afraid to stop following questions after “the incident”. It was actually pretty crazy, and I was terrified because this insane jelly snuck up on me and [REDACTED]

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Nope. I don’t think this happens. I don’t think people take fluther that seriously. Or rather, they may take fluther seriously in general, but specific questions—I doubt if anyone checks to see if I’ve responded or not. If anyone does, maybe they will see this and save themselves some trouble. If you must have a response from me, pm me.

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Haha..this is funny, I’m a fast mover on-er. I just stopped following 2 Q.‘s from earlier today.
I’m a live in the now type, I rarely follow a Q. for more than a day or two, tops. Usually I give ‘em the boot within a few hours. Out with the old and in with the new. The only time I go back to an old Q.‘s is when I receive a new G.A. on something I’ve forgotten all about, often from weeks or months ago.

Yep, no worries about me ever becoming a hoarder, of anything. lol

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Wow – there is a whole sub-question here. Do you ever stop following question?

I am never offended @Imadethisupwithnoforethought because I so often do an @xxx that I usually forget I did it.

I have only stopped following a couple of questions (I think). I only do this when the content or discussion is irritating me and I don’t want to see any other responses.

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I also rarely stop following questions, so this probably doesn’t happen very often. But, I also have a bad habit of ignoring my Activity for you thingy. Right now I have 27 threads that have had activity since I last visited them.

Only very rarely do I unfollow a question, but when I do, it’s usually after someone has said something really fucking dumb.

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Nah, I almost always see good in people & don’t look for the negatives.
Unless of course it’s plain for all to see that you’re an unpleasant arsehole, then I feel your gloom & rapidly move away.

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Unless there is a lurve poke I don’t usually go back to a question. I often erase the Activity and Questions for you without opening. Oh well.

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Yes, but I’m not that popular to really have to worry about everyone responding to me, rofl.

“Do you think they are cranky with you for never responding?”

Nah, I don’t think they care that much about it, unless it was really important to them to hear a response back.

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Yes, I do wonder this, but it doesn’t trouble me overmuch. Right now I have 234 alerts from when I didn’t visit for awhile I still need to clean out; just went through like 40. Notification for @s would be great.

Sometimes I deliberately take awhile, like several months, to answer @s because I’m not sure how to answer at the time and I keep musing on the question.

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I rarely stop following questions unless I feel the need to. I’m sure I miss some comments made toward me, as I scan quickly and move on.

Like others have said, if someone has a bone to pick with me, they know how to PM me here. I don’t see a need for an @ notification, as following a Q automatically updates you to an ongoing conversation.

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All the time. I assume if it’s that important, they can always PM me.

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I generally post a couple of times and stop following. I sorta go by @Nimis method.. if I get lurve for an answer than it usually means there’s at least one person in the thread that agrees with my opinion.. which is a lot more attractive than the alternative types of threads.

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I’ve never thought about it until now, but it’s rare that I stop following a question anyway.

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@downtide My marginally problematic OCD-like tendencies refuse to allow me that luxury. Each followed question seems like an unfinished task. I have to remove them. ^ ^

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Questions that require a basic answer I tend to stop following after a day or so anyway, like “what was your favourite subject at school” for example. They don’t spark up much discussion so I don’t tend to worry that I am missing something when I stop following.

I don’t often stop following questions that have sparked a discussion where I have been involved and had fairly strong feelings about my answer for the reason that someone may add something new to the discussion much later on.

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I hardly ever stop following a Q. I’m always interested in what other people have to say, whether it’s specifically directed to me or not. I feel like I’m missing out if I stop following.

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