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How many heads of state can you name?

Asked by nikipedia (27449points) May 15th, 2012

The patriotism question got me thinking about how some countries seem a lot more in touch with the rest of the world than others. So, out of curiosity, how many heads of state can you name (without googling or peeking!), and what country are you from?

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Off the top of head I can think of Vladimir Putin in Russia, Francois Hollande of France (heard a story on NPR yesterday), Hamid Karzai of
Afghanistan (since he is a US
puppet he might not count),
David Cameron from England,
Angela Merkel of Germany,
and Kim Jung Un (sp?) from North Korea.

I am in the US.

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and do not forget Raul Castro of Cuba, Hugo Chavez of Venezuela, Pope Palpatine of the Vatican, Mahmud Ahmedinejad of Iran and Netanjahu of Israel.

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I was going to name David Cameron of the UK, Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, Vladimir Putin of Russia, Francois Hollande of France, Joyce Banda of Malawi (saw her in the news a few times) and Andry Rajoelina of Madagascar (I thought he was a teenager when I first saw his picture).

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David Cameron is not England’s head of state. The Queen is, and the Prime Minister’s powers are granted as royal prerogatives. The same goes for Sweden, where the King is head of state. Putin is the current head of state for Russia, but has only been so for a little over a week. When he was Prime Minister, he was the head of government. Only now that he is again President is he also the head of state once more.

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I can get the USA, UK, Germany, France, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Venezuela, Russia, Israel, Iran, Cuba, Mexico, Argentina, Australia, Canada and the Vatican. Let’s see, that’s 17 quick off the top.

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I know of lots, but it seems pointless now that others have cherry picked the leading contenders.
Wouldn’t want to be accused of “copying in class”, a fate worse than death….it’s alleged.

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what he ^ said plus Julia Guillard of Australia, John Key New Zealand, Lee Hsien Loong Singapore, and Lee Myung-bak South Korea. I was going to add Malaysia, I can say his name but I don’t have a clue how to spell it!

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I was going to say those too @rooeytoo…....copycat ;¬}

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I live in the Pacific Rim, they are familiar to me but you probably rarely hear them on your side of the world!

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Not at all, i’m very familiar with Julia “Gingy” Gillard, i’ve seen her on telly & everything.

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Julia is a pommie by birth and Australia is one of the colonies so that is logical that you know her. Isn’t it amazing that our prime minister is a female, atheist, childless, unmarried and has her hairdresser boyfriend living with her. Nobody can call the aussies prudes!

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Sauron. That’s all I know.

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Actually, for me, the correct answer is none. I do not have the power to name the head of state of any nation.

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hehehe, @etpro, semantics are wonderful things!

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