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I want a small plant for my small room. Any ideas?

Asked by Tank8131 (106points) June 29th, 2007

My room is very small and dorm like. For some reason I've been wanting to buy a small plant to help bring life into a very high-tech environment. I want it to sit on a dresser and preferably not the floor.

I don't want anything that is high-maintenance but if It looks good I'll give it a try. Thanks!

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The real question... how much light do you have in the room?

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Hmm....I'm going to move my dresser in front of my window very soon so it will probably have plenty of light.

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Jade is a great low-maintenance plant if you have light... also calilllies are very resilient. Any type of succulent will also work, but I'm not sure if they'll flower as much.

On a side note, I've heard that you can return dead plants to home depot if you buy them there. I've never actually done that, but it'd be a great way to try your hand at plants.

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Thank you, so much! I'll give those a look and tell you how it goes :)

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Ooo, jade looks really nice. The calla lilies remind me of a funeral for some reason...or a wedding...or my grandma's house. :)

Don't let this great answer stop anyone from responding with other ideas!

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I bought a cheese plant for my room at University, it's still doing well...and i'm not the most attentive person to look after it!

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I'm partial to Fortune Plants and Lucky Bamboo plants myself.

Fortune Plants range in size from something that you can keep on top of your desk, to larger potted plants that can grow waist high. See for an example.

Lucky Bamboo plants are usually small, require very little sunlight, and are generally low maintenance. Photos available here: and you'll find a good description here:

I don't actually believe in the _feng shui_ stuff myself. I just like these two plants because of their vivid green color. Both prefer warmer climates, though, so you'll need to check if they'll be okay where you live.

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aloe plants are nice and have the added bonus that if you burn yourself, you can cut into a leaf and get aloe which is a miracle cure. also, you almost never have to water them, but the do need some sun from time to time.

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my friend gave me a small climbing ivy plant once (i don't know the technical name), and it has been the most remarkably resilient little green growing thing. i worked in a cubicle at the time (ie, no sunlight, only florescent) and the plant thrived. then i took it home and put it near a window where it grew and grew, climbing beautifully up my wall and around the window frame. (when i pulled it down i had to touch up the paint but it was worth it!) now i teach 3rd grade and the plant is in my classroom, surviving once for weeks without water when the class "biologist" forgot to do her job. it's never been repotted and is still growing. it's the best ever!

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Jade needs a lot of direct light, so if your room is not sunny I wouldn 't recommend it. Try any kind of philodendron. They are extremely low really can't kill 'em. They are the ones that have heart shaped leaves that hang down over the sides. You only have to water once every two weeks. They can live in very low light. And they're cheap. I have 5 of them!

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Also, in chinatown you can buy somethng called a "money plant" or "money tree" ... looks like a small miniature leafy shrub, usually with a braided trunk. Very inexpensive and also very low maintenance.

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spider plants are said to filter air. consider hanging a plant from the ceiling.

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Wow, a bunch of great ideas. Thank you so much :) I'm going to do some looking around this weekend. Sarahsugs suggestion gave me a really cool idea with what is already in my room. Keep watching and I'll update soon with the results. Thanks again!

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nomtastic is right--spider plants are great and low maintenance. One more thing about the philodendrons is that as they grow long, you can clip off the ends (clip about a 7 inch stem) and stick 'em in a vase of water for a couple weeks. They will grow roots and after another week or so you can plant in a pot with some dirt. So--if you know anyone who already has a philodendron, you can create a new houseplant for free! You can also leave them in water indefinitely if you don't want to replant with soil, and they will live in water for a number of years.

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I’ll also throw my vote in for a philodendron.. those things are practically indestructible, so they’re great low-maintenance plants. We have one at work in a windowless locker room with little airflow, lots of cigarette smoke, and low light and that thing is so healthy! I’m just about the only one that takes care of it, so it usually gets watered once every week or two. I was recently gone from work for 3 weeks and the plant was no worse for wear… can’t get any easier than that!

Another small, pretty plant is the New Guinea Impatiens. I have one that I rescued from Wal-Mart, cost me less than $5 and I think it was a great buy… it has pretty little flowers on it and will bloom all year, and in terms of light, it can only stand a few hours of full sunlight a day. That’s a plus if you don’t get tons of direct sunlight. Mine seems pretty happy next to my window that has full sun all morning, with the blinds closed. I also had it on the balcony in summer, full sun in the morning and shade in the afternoon and it did beautifully. The only con is that it is a thirstier plant and the soil should be checked every 3–4 days, but if you get a self-watering planter, you can extend the time between waterings.

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