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What is the best way to get a job in Spanish/English translation?

Asked by haleyray07 (225points) May 16th, 2012

My bf is bilingual in English and Spanish…he has spent long periods of time in Latin America and is completely fluent in both languages. He is currently a bilingual editor at a University but the pay is very low. What is the best area to be looking for bilingual employment or a legitimate website for translating employment?

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I know someone who translates and interprets Spanish/English, I’ll try to contact them.

I know there is a special type of certificate or something like that you can get to translate official documents. Like if someone was born in Uruguay and needs an English version of their birth certificate, it is done by these people who are authorized to do it. It’s quick, and seemed like a good side job. I found this website.

I also knew someone who did all her work on the internet translating Japanese to English, but she always said it didn’t pay very well. I am not still in touch with her though, but I threw it out there just for brainstorming purposes.

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I hear court translators make pretty good money, but you have to pass some pretty hard tests.

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The company/department I worked for designed, developed and delivered training for employees based all over the US. When the company went global, there was a need for contractors to translate the training materials into several different languages.

It might be worth his while to look for companies that conduct business in all countries where he knows the language and culture well and find out what their needs are for a translator.

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I see that a lot of banks request this in their job ads. That could be a place to start.

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@JLeslie thanks….that would be great. Also, I’m checking out that site you sent and it looks pretty legitimate. Thanks for all the feedback!

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the best place to start is here. You get alert when there is a new translation job and get paid by the site. recommended:

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