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What are some childhood interests that you are still into these days?

Asked by fluthernutter (6291points) May 16th, 2012 from iPhone

It’s pretty cool watching your kid grow up and pick up all of these random interests. It’d be neat to see which of these will last beyond her childhood.

(Right now she’s into Japanese bento boxes and breakdancing.)

What do you still like from when you were a kid?

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Reading, movies, playing the piano, crossword puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, The New Yorker, magic tricks, Scrabble, reading the dictionary…

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Ice skating, bike riding, dancing and drawing

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Listening to The Monkees’ music, camping, Christmas rituals, art, classical music, visiting the snow in the mountains, going to the desert, watching The Sound of Music, going to the movies, eating buttered popcorn, making homemade pizza (my best friend and I used to make pizza from a boxed mix called Appian way after school) going to Disneyland.

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I still like singing and acting, although I never became the star I thought I would.

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Reading, crossword puzzles, board games, letting myself get lost in order to discover new places. Like @gailcalled, I used to love to go through dictionaries from different years and also alphabetical vocabulary books but nowadays I can play on the internet with sites like or google random words, ideas that come to mind, etc. I’d like to fish as often as I did when a kid, I’m working on that.

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Video games.

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Reading, photography and playing guitar were childhood activities that still hold my interest now.

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Almost everything, about the only “adult” stuff I indulge in is sex & work, the rest of the time i’m a big, daft, dumb, kid & very happy that way too.

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I’ve been horse-crazy since I was about seven years old. Still am, though I don’t get any opportunity to ride any more.

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Comic Books

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Lots of things.

As a little boy, I used to wear these epaulettes with gold stars on them that my grandmother made for me to wear in a school play, kind of like this. I would go around telling my friends and teachers that I was a 4 star general and that I earned my stars in ‘Nam. I have no idea where I got all that, but I think that’s how I became so interested in military history these days.

I was also raised on horror movies. The first movie I remember seeing in theaters was Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight and I remember playing Nightmare on Elm Street on my kindergarten playground. (I was always Freddy). I’m really into horror and ghosts and spooky kitsch and things like that, so that’s where that came from.

I was also really into rocks and bugs and critters and science as a kid, which I think transferred over to my adult liking for geology, taxidermy, entomology, and outdoorsmanship.

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Mac & Cheese
Lighting matches

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Reading, exploring buildings, bird-watching, cleaning and organizing other people’s houses, traveling.

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Scrabble, Chinese Checkers, drawing, reading, wildlife and listening to the radio.

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like @ShanEnri colouring in :)

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Video Games
Peeing Outside

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Reading, RTS, Writing, Swimming, Wrestling, Boxing, Shooting, Observing people, Legos, Warhammer 40k

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Reading and crafting.

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Building sand castles, bird watching, drawing, cooking, dancing, singing, acting, reading, exploring nature, sleeping, making things with my hands (although that’s more in cooking now than the crafts it used to be.)

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Finger painting and playing in the mud.

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Reading, coloring, reading, crochet, reading, swinging (not the sexy kind)

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Video games and horror movies. I loved insects as a kid too, and wanted to be an entomologist. That went away, although I do still think insects kick ass.

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Reading, writing, and I recently rediscovered a passion for playing in the dirt.

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Reading a good book (yep, the old outdated concept of a book:-), ice cream, video games, cotton candy, pizza and lame jokes.

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@WillWorkForChocolate I’m sorry. The dirt is mine. I don’t share.

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@WillWorkForChocolate I share my mud….come and play!

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That’s my dirt, too, buddy boy. All the dirt is mine!

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The joy of ‘helping’ water flow properly down the sides of roads when I am wearing my wellies!

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@wundayatta when your durt is wet, it’s mud and then it’s MINE and I share my mud even with you! Here’s some mud and a hair dryer….go play in the durt!

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@Cruiser I’m warning you! I have…... worms!

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^^ My friend’s dog just got checked for those yesterday.

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aaack @wundayatta your durt has worms! HEY!! That’s not durt!!! eeeew!

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Yes, big, fat, icky worms! I’m holding them in my hands. Want one? Mmmmm. Taaaaasty!

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I have always really loved animals. As a kid I loved watching documentaries and still do. I also loved going to the theatre from a very young age and that love has never died.

On the flip side, I used to read all the time. I’d have four or five books on the go and finish them within a day or two of starting them. Now, it takes me months to get through a book, if I even bother to finish it at all.

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