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What is humanity's completion rating?

Asked by NuclearWessels (1181points) May 16th, 2012

In the video game world a completion rating of 100% (usually) means you’ve explored and collected all items, finished all quests, found all the secrets and so on. If we were to apply that to the endeavor of mankind, what would our completion rating be?

100% would mean things like mastered space travel, fully understand our own biology, astrophysics and the nature of the universe, discovered the best building materials and techniques and stuff like that.

Where do you think we are at now? and how far into the future will we see a 100% if ever? Has that rating grown exponentially in the past couple hundred years?

Note a 100% would not indicate all areas explored as that may be impossible

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Also, this implies that humans are on a naturally progressive course towards enlightenment – which may not necessarily be true.

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Why would it not be living fully to one’s potential?

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Think of where mankind was about 100 years ago. Now imagine asking them the same question. What do you think they would say? I’ll bet you would hear numbers like 15 to 25%.
Today I’d answer 15 to 25%.
100 years from now they will most likely answer 15 to 25%. And so it goes.

Unless fundamentalists take over. They’ll answer 100% any time.

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We are about 70 years out from nuclear weapons, and we are still here.

I give us 50%.

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I think we’re still less than one percent. Although I don’t know how you quantify what there is to know. But it is an infinite universe out there, and we don’t even know 1% of what there is to know about our planet, I bet.

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The more we learn, the more clear it is how little we know. Our awareness of the scope of knowledge we have yet to master is still rapidly expanding.

If we know even 10% of what we could someday know that would be a high estimate.

With some American political factions becoming increasingly anti-intellectual, the USA may fall further and further behind not only developed countries but some 3rd world countries who actively promote and support education and excellence.

Elect Mitt Romney and he’ll lead the charge into the 19th century!

How long it will take to even approach complete knowledge of our world depends a lot on whether we are going forward or backward.

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And that is an overly generous estimate.

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Maybe C-.

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@NuclearWessels Welcome to Fluther.

I’m trending toward something considerably less than @wundayatta‘s 1% but a bit more than @ragingloli negative googol. I mean, we’re off zero, so we must be at least one Planck unit along the way, right?

We;ve learned a bit, but there is so very much left to explore. And truth told, we won’t even know how much until, if we ever do, we reach a humanity completion rating of 199%.

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When we don’t know the limit, how can we rate our self?

Potentially a percentage equivalent to the probability of you phasing through the floor. 1/infinite.

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Tis but a tiny drop in the vast ocean of time, said in the trailer voice guy’s booming voice so as to give it more gravitas.

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