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Have you encountered hate groups? What happened? Have they affected your life?

Asked by buster (10244points) May 28th, 2008

15 miles from where i grew up is a town called Pulaski Tennessee. General Nathan Bedford Forrest of the confederate army was from there. he started the KKK. every year around MLK day they have a rally on the town square. my mom took me to a shoestore on the square when i was 12 to get some new nikes. we picked the wrong day to go. there was about 40 people in sheets making speeches. there was a lot of cops, a few news crews, and a small group protesting them. i was kind of frightened and always thought it sucked that i saw them. i have also run into some young skinhead types. once at a punk show. i think the guy who booked the show didnt know they were skinheads but everyone left. another time in portland oregon at a bar. the guy had a swastika shirt on and was asked to leave . there were some words exchanged then he left.

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The Danish Neu-Nazi’s had one of their ‘fortresses’ not too far from where I used to live. Never saw much of them though. They didn’t really come out much except for when they were having rallies or demonstration – and given the opposing group, ‘De Autonome’ (The Autonomous – anarchists) interest in these, I made an effort to stay well clear of any such events!

And apart from puzzling me with their remarkable narrow-mindedness and delusional thoughts (I’ve watched a couple of interviews/talkshows with these characters), I can’t say they’ve affected me in any way.

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The KKK did originate in Pulaski, TN. However, Nathan Bedford Forrest was born in Chapel Hill, TN.

Hate groups are for weak people, who feel strength in numbers! What a bunch of losers!

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close enough bulbatron

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Close only counts in horseshoes and handgrenades!

Just wanted to clarify. I didn’t want you to go around posting false information.


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I’ve seen the “GOD HATES FAGS” people before. They’re horrid and cruel. My friends and I made signs that said things like “In The Closet!” and “Really as Ignorant as He Looks” with giant arrows and went around standing next to them. They complained to the cops (who were siding with my friends and I) and the police just explained that we had free speech too and it was fine as long as we weren’t causing them any physical harm. They eventually packed up and left. My friends and I all head headphones on for most of the time too so we couldn’t hear them screaming at us.
We won.

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I was once in San Francisco on business the weekend of the Gay Pride Parade, and the route went right past my hotel. It was a gorgeous day so I went to watch. It is an incredibly fun and colorful experience. There were protestors there with horrible signs. The police kept them back. Most people just ignored them.

Life is way too short for hate. Hate groups are all based on fear. If you think of them as fearful people, they are less frightening.

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My incident was also at a pride parade. We did the anti-protester signs because we felt like someone needed to do something back to them and to make it in to something funny rather than something sad.

(Although I am straight, I go and participate every year)

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bulbatron is right bedford forrest is from chapel hill tn. and he didnt found it. six confederate war vets from pulaski did then asked forrest to be the first grand wizard.

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I am in an interracial marriage and we have issues all the time. The looks, rudeness. We get this type of annimosity from several races.

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@iriemuffin That is ridiculous in this day and age. People can be so ignorant.

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