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Would it be better to get Pages, Numbers, and Keynote as apps, or as a bundle in iWork?

Asked by Aesthetic_Mess (7894points) May 17th, 2012

The Pages, Numbers, and Keynote apps are $19.99 each, which would come up to $59.97, while the iWork package is $71. Is there a difference between the iWork package and the three separate apps?
Which would be better to get?

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The only real benefit to buying the package would be getting all the apps on a DVD making reinstalling easier.

If you don’t care about that save yourself some cash and get them from the App Store.

Nothing extra is included on the disk that isn’t in the individual downloads.

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Save your money and get LibreOffice. It’s free, opensource, and does everything you will need.

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LibreOffice is a real mess on a Mac. Great on Windows and Linux. But a mess on OS X.

The iWork apps are worth the cost.

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