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What alcoholic beverage do you like getting drunk on?

Asked by MilkyWay (13685points) May 17th, 2012

Seriously, does it make a difference to you, which drink you get stoned with?
Whisky, vodka, tequila are all pretty strong drinks, which can have a much stronger affect on you than other milder drinks such as wine and beer…
So, do you like getting hit with something strong, or something that takes it’s time?

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Gin & Tonic, or a hoppy IPA.

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I drink socially & on special occasions, but I can honestly take or leave alcohol.
Very rarely get drunk anymore, my fave beer is Newcastle Brown Ale.

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I do not drink ethanol.

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Depends on my mood, and what drinks can be made well. Tequila, especially in a margarita, or a nice white wine. Or, hot chocolate with a shot of Bailey’s.

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Usually Vodka Tonics. Fill up your water bottle with one of those babies and you’re set for the night. Which is what I plan on doing tonight. I find the vodka sneaks up on me less than gin does. But I love gin too. But I always get HAMMERED. So, usually vodka.

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All of them, but, if I had to pick just one I would go with Beer.

beer is capitalized to reflect the fact that i love all beer. fuck the snobs.

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@Blondesjon I love mostly all Beer too, but some really dark beers just make me want to throw up. They’re like bitter syrup.

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I don’t get drunk, but I’ve been known to get tipsy on tequila.

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@Blackberry . . . Don’t be afraid of the darks my friend. Within their pain, pleasure is often found.

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I go by taste, and red wine is my favorite. I try to keep it to a minimum, as I don’t like being drunk.

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I used to blow my brains out with vodka, and a wine buzz was the best.

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Doesn’t much matter, I’m not about getting drunk these days but I can note a definite preference. If I’m with friends and/or family then I’m not nervous about a buzz or drunk, I’ll be happy and relaxed but if I’m in a public place, just me and SO then the buzz or drunk feels uncomfortable and I just wish it to be over with.

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I don’t like getting drunk anymore but I like an occasional beer.

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I don’t know of any that appeal to me. The taste and smell make me nauseous almost immediately. It would be a race to see if I could get drunk before I started hurling.

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Single malt scotch. I’ll never get drunk again, but if forced to, single malt scotch. I like Oban best. Sm – o – o – o – o – th. Not too peaty. Just right . . . for me.

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I don’t like getting drunk. A couple of glasses of wine suit me quite nicely. At one time I used to have a glass or two every night, but now sometimes months go by, and I don’t miss it. Offer me a little champagne, though, and I’ll accept quick enough.

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I don’t drink anymore but when I did I loved me some Smirnoff Twisted! Yum, yum, yum, yum.

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I don’t drink to get drunk. I like a nice buzz, but sometimes I take it too far. Usually it’s wine.

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I do not get drunk, but my drink of choice was always wine.

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When I drank, it was pretty much just about anything. beer with lunch, wine with dinner, gin or scotch for cocktails, ouzo after dinner, Bloody Marys or Ramos Fizz with breakfast, irish coffees at night, margaritas with chips and salsa. Jagermeister when skiing. Or whatever the specialty of the house was.

Did I tell you I had a bit of a drinking problem?

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Don’t like the hard stuff much, hits me too fast and too hard. Although wine is pretty cool, but I don’t drink that to get drunk. Being a long distance drinker, (lol) I much prefer beer. It isn’t too strong, and you can stretch it out for hours if you know how, and with some drinking experience. (which prolly isn’t a good thing to brag about)
La Fin du Monde and Don de Dieu are my favorite beers. Although I do enjoy tons of different sorts, these are my trademark. They are nine percent, which gets pretty close to the weaker hard stuff, but I denno. Most hard stuff tastes like acid, and even if it isn’t that strong, the buzz isn’t the same as with beer, at least not to me anyways. Then again, my hard stuff repertoire is sorely lacking.

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I really don’t like getting drunk. I don’t mind being a little bit tipsy, but not drunk.

I don’t have a favourite tipple because it depends on my mood. I like wine, usually merlot or pinot noir (not really into big reds). I like G & T. I like good scotch. I like Long Island Iced Teas (and more than two and I will be drunk!). I like lots of drinks…but I don’t actually drink very often.

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Vodka and Captain Morgan. Don’t care for beer much; I do drink it sometimes when it’s all there is, but I really don’t prefer it.

As a lightweight, it doesn’t take much to get me pretty drunk…

woodcutter's avatar Back when I was a drinker. It’s a mellow warm feeling. I’m not sure how I would handle it now.

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I don’t drink to get drunk. I hate being drunk. I drink because I like the taste, but I stop before I get plastered.

My choices – A good Real Ale (not too dark), red wine (Merlot or Rioja), a single-malt Speyside Scotch or a good cognac.

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Beer, delicious beer. My favorites are Belgian whites, but I really haven’t ever found a brew I didn’t like. Spotted Cow and Bristol are the two breweries closest to my heart, which is highly unfortunate because they have no distribution outside their towns. At least New Belgium is starting to spread.

When I drank liquor, my favorites were Bulleit bourbon for the winter and Don Julio 1942 tequila for the summer. And sometimes a daiquiri, when the mint in my garden grows in.

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Jamaican rum & Coke.

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If a guy’s pretty hammered, I’d milk em and get drunk on that.

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Guess it depends on what mood I’m in….if I’m in the mood to get shitty, out of my fucking mind drunk in a hurry…..I drink vodka. Either Absolut or cheap assed Popov (liquid crack)....or if I’m in the mood to get shitty out of my fucking mind drunk slowly, I drink beer (Miller Genuine Draft, Rolling rock, or Michelob) with amaretto slammers. :)

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