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What to wear with socks and sandals?

Asked by blueberry_kid (5864points) May 17th, 2012

I understand socks and Adidas arent very girly, but I wanted to dress down this next week because it’s exam week, and all I’m going to be doing is sitting in a chair, testing…

So! My problem is, I’m not very sure what to wear with them. The Adidas look like this and the socks look like this.

I would love to know what to wear!

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I’d pass on the Adidas and go with leather moccasins.

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I wouldn’t wear socks with sandals.

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I can only think of basketball shorts and a t shirt, lol. Just wear flip flops, shorts, and a shirt.

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I would be studying and not even giving a nanosecond of thought to this issue.

But if it is more important than exams, then you need to lose both the socks and the Adidas. They look awful. If you must wear socks and sandals, then at least get Birkenstocks. They have a little crunchy granola class, at least. You aren’t marketing the shoe company without getting paid for it.

But never wear socks with sandals unless you are prepared to be labeled a dork for life, like me. I am the kind of person who wears socks with sandals, and my kids won’t be seen with me when I do it. Even my wife won’t be seen with me when I do it. Hell. I don’t know why I am willing to be seen with myself!

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Do NOT wear socks with those sandals. Just don’t. If you can wear sandals you don’t need socks.

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If you’re wearing those, why would you even bother worrying about the rest of your outfit? Might as well just wear sweats and a t-shirt if you’re going for comfort.

Seriously, though, those Adidas sandals with socks are just plain awful. I would opt for a nice, comfy, practical pair of flip flops. (May I suggest Old Navy?)

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If you’re going to wear socks with sandals, then wear a mask. Better yet, wear a full disguise so that no one can even have any idea who you are.

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Who cares what you wear with them? Make certain you are omfy and can focus on your tests.

If you’re going for complete comfort, why not wear umbros and a tee? Seriously, exam week is not the week to worry about clothing.

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I have a confession: this question was from my sister. I honestly hate socks and sandals with a passion. I’m studying along with her as hard as possible: Latin isn’t very easy.

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I agree with the advice to never ever wear socks with sandals.

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I think you should tell your sister that questions like this don’t make studying Latin any easier.

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A suitably embarrassed look on your face, even Jesus knew socks with sandals was a big no-no dearie.

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What to wear with socks? Not sandals.

What to wear with sandals? Not socks.

What to wear with socks and sandals? That’s a paradoxical question that can’t be answered within the space-time continuum.

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Your sister should just wear whatever she wants.

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You know what would look great with socks andWHAT THE F*CK DO NOT WEAR SOCKS WITH SANDALS!!!

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WHY would anyone wear sandals with socks”? It defeats the whole purpose of sandals. DO NOT WEAR SOCKS WITH SANDALS! You WILL be arrested and ex-communicated!

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I have to concur with the others that socks and sandals are a fashion no-no.

All I could conjer up was those horrid, super long silky basketball shorts (with compression underwear hanging out below, and tidy whities sticking out above) that dudes wear with do-rags on their head. Not a look that anyone should try to emulate. Couple that with long socks and rubber sandals, I’m shuddering at the thought.

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I’ve now realized, not very attractive. I regret wearing them in public. I wore them was micro mini shorts and a white beater. Yeah, bad day.

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As long as you’ve learned from the fashion error of your ways. :-)

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I wish I had a picture of that @blueberry_kid!!

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@blueberry_kid Stand up for your taste! Be proud to look like a complete nerd! Proud, I tell you! Proud!

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@blueberry_kid That sounds hot. And yeah guys I knew her age.

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@blueberry_kid Don’t listen to @wundayatta! Siddown!!! Right now!!

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@Dutchess_III I know you mean well, but you’re going to give the poor girl a complex. Don’t you remember how hard it is to be a teen girl?

Ah well. I remember those days so fondly. Oh no. I was never a teen girl, but I did play one on TV! ;-)

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Don’t try to kid a kidder, @wundayatta. You’re a teen girl now.

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Yep. Everything is possible under the orange tree.

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