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Where can I find twin XL bedding (for a dorm room) that isn't super cheap quality?

Asked by Fly (8726points) May 17th, 2012

I’m headed to college in the fall so, being my OCD, interior design obsessed self, I’m starting to look for things for my dorm room.
Disclaimer: I’m admittedly pretty picky and my bedding needs to be 100% cotton.

However, I’m finding it surprisingly difficult to find bedding. I’m not interested in the Bed Bath & Beyond, $50 “bed in a bag” type of deal. I don’t have a problem with a whole bedding set like that in theory, but I’m finding that they’re pretty much all tacky and made out of cheap, uncomfortable materials. (Zebra print and hot pink polyester? No thanks.)

I’ve found a few other options but there’s apparently a very limited market for attractive, well-made dorm bedding. Any tips on where I could look for some nicer twin XL bedding would be greatly appreciated!

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The Company Store sells good quality stuff, and offers twin XL.

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You also might try Linens n Things.

They have some nice cotton sets that aren’t to pricey

XL Sheets 1

XL Sheets 2

for example

and they have a coupon code that you can get here for an additional 20% of through May 20th.

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L.L. Bean also has a selection of them.

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@all Just to clarify, I’m not so concerned about sheets, I’m more looking for bedding sets, comforters, or quilts. Thanks for all suggestions thus far, though!

To get an idea of my taste, you can see some of the stuff I’m interested in here.

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@Fly You may just have to wing this one yourself. Sheets are a very personal thing, in terms of materials, I’m a 100% cotton girl myself, in terms of thread count, design, all that stuff. You may just need to search online for “100% cotton XL sheets” until you find something you like, something that suits you, in your price range.

One thing though; I would advise against duvet covers. Maybe I’m just an idiot, but I bought one for my down comforter and have never been able to get the damn thing in there without actually having crawling inside the duvet cover on my hands and knees and just shoving the thing in. :-)

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Have you looked at the stuff at Ikea? They have a whole bunch of bedding, which is usually fairly stylishly designed. And good prices. :)

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@Fly I didn’t buy a set when I was in college. You don’t really need an XL comforter, or I didn’t, it’s just the sheets that matter. There is just less blanket to tuck at the end under the bed. We had bunk beds, so you kind of don’t want a bunch of material at the end anyway. Look at the measurements to be sure, in case my memory is wrong. The comforter just needs to be the length of the bed more or less, because you can leave a foot where the pillow goes, and then you have some extra blanket to tuck down at the feet.

Edit: Oh, I just noticed your link. Do you know for sure what the bed is like? If it is bunk or not?

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Do you have Big W in USA? The quality of their sheets is excellent and they often have very good sales on the 1000 thread count egyptians.

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@lillycoyote I disagree with your opinion about duvet covers. I have a bedding set from the Missoni for Target collection and the duvet cover is great! My dad was able to get my duvet in the cover fairly easy, and I love having the option to switch out the cover if I ever wanted to. They’re actually pretty convenient!

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@lillycoyote I just read @mangeons answer to you, and was wondering it you know to put the cover on top of the comforter inside out, put your hands inside the cover (let it squish up like when you put on pantyhose) and then hold the corners at the end and pulls through?

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@JLeslie They are single beds. You can stack them as a bunk if you so choose, but I don’t plan on doing that. I should also add that a twin size blanket is really too small for me, as I’m too tall for regular twin beds. If I was going to get a size other than twin XL, it would have to be a full.

@rooeytoo No such thing in the US, but I looked online and they don’t offer the correct size anyway. Thanks for the suggestion, though!

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@Fly If you don’t bunk them, then yeah, you should be able to use a full, just keep in mind bunk beds are usually low to the ground and thinner mattresses compared to what is used in a lot of houses today, so the height off the floor from the top of the mattress will determine whether the full hangs down two far on the sides and touches the floor.

Oh, and a regular full is the same length as a regular twin.

I found this link with twin XL fake down comforters. Maybe Royal Velvet has more of a selection on their website or in stores.

So excited for you! I loved loved living in the dorms, I hope you have a good experience too.

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@JLeslie I know they’re the same length, a full is just more blanket to work with; I’m always left with my arms or legs hanging out with a twin size blanket! And these beds rise very high off the ground whether bunked or not, similar to one of the pictures in my link, so I think I’ll be okay with a full either way if I decided to go that route.

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@Fly Sound like you have everything considered. Hope you find something you really like.

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@JLeslie Thanks, me too! Thank you for all of your advice. :)

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