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What is the most lurve points amassed by a single member without ever having asked a question?

Asked by sccrowell (3508points) May 28th, 2008

All points would be from “Great Answers, Attendance and initial sign-up only…

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Someone will have to hit up the database to answer that. I think I have a pretty good ratio.

questions asked: 48
questions answered: 1241

Some people take a lot more than they give.

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JP: Haha. I guess that’s what you meant when you said I give more than I take.

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Oops, I haven’t asked a question yet. Sorry.

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Not asking a question is a good thing. You are doing perfectly.

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@tupara, Asking questions when you have legitimate questions is a good thing.

jp is talking about bad questions like this one . Those should be avoided.

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Whoa ho! Snap!

Nice one, @pete!

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I’m guessing that cwilbur holds the record:

Score: 3358
Questions Asked: 1
Questions Answered: 889

His only question was “How Do We Fix Fluther?” which he asked right before he decided to take a break from answering.

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Id say your boyfriend, whatthefluther, holds the record with 829 points and 0 questions asked.
I found this out while just reading through all the old questions =p

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Was this a loaded question?

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I thought it was unusual that he had amassed so many points yet, had not asked a single question. I was curious if there were more like him or had more points than he. That is all… @cwilbur would have won by a long shot had he not asked that 1 question.

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Okay, I’m ready @rob, but be gentle!

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Wait… this ain’t peer-to-peer filesharing here. There’s no fluther karma gonna get ya for asking more than you answer.

Great Questions are rewarded just as Great Answers are (not as much, of course).

But the idea is that GQs actually contribute to the Collective in a meaningful way, too. Else, the lurve scoring system would subtract points for questions, and you’d need to earn your way to ask new ones by providing great answers first.

I personally find no extra fluther nobility in those that ask little or nothing of the Collective. Maybe even the opposite, in that they don’t deem the Collective worthy to provide worthwhile answers. Wow, what kind of day am I having?

@scrowell, my reply was long in coming before your last quip. ;-)

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Good point!

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Let’s get an update on this for August 2010!

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