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Oh wow! Did you notice which monkey just earned his very own jungle love 10K party? Let's give the 100th monkey his due and throw a swinging through the trees party!

Asked by Earthgirl (11189points) May 18th, 2012

Congratulations on 10K 100th monkey! You’re 10,000 monkey now!

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Congratulations, @the100thmonkey, and welcome to the mansion!

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Way to go dude, righteous.

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Congratulations. I feel like I’ve enjoyed your posts in the past, though I haven’t really seen any recently. Then again, I’m not a reliable source. Welcome to the mansion!

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Another party in the mansion. Woo Hoo! I do love that conga line which starts out by the pool. But what I need to know is, who are the other 99 monkeys?

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Yay…, party….stow the zookeepers in the lion dens and let the apes out to run the snack bar! Cheers!

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If we throw you a party, you’re not going to bring the other 99 monkeys are you? That would be too messy, and they’d probably put their feet in the guacamole and start flinging it everywhere.

Anyway, congratulations!

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Guacamole fight!

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Could it be? Good stuff ! ! !

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Congratulations @the100thmonkey the banana splits are on me.

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Holy Monkey SH*^%, AWESOME!!!!!!!


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Congrats on the 10 grand!
@Coloma…that’s not guacamole! ;)

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Congra…(Tarzan yell!)...tulations!!!!!!

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@the100thmonkey Now see what happens to animals that monkey around here too long? You may love swinging from trees, but you’re banished to the mansion! You’ll have to grab your bananas from the fruit bowl now like the rest of us inmates.

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@the100thmonkey… Congratulations! You’re kind of the stealth jelly. A minor superhero ... no offense intended there, by the use of the word “minor”, you’re not Superman or Spiderman, but you are in the pantheon, you made the cut; well, you’re in my pantheon at least, for what that’s worth, which is probably not much. A hero who is there when you need him. You come and go, pop in and out, just to say intelligent, well informed, well thought out things; then you’re done, until someone needs to pop in and say intelligent, well informed, well thought out things again.

And BTW, you can sometimes get by with fewer than 100 monkeys.

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Congratulations! How does this happen? You get to 10,000 points and this is the first time I’ve seen your name and avatar. When I looked you up, they said we had nothing in common. Have we been in totally different realms?

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Cool, well done on your achievement!

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@Sunny2 It happens occasionally to me to. I sometimes, all of a sudden, notice someone and look at their lurve, and they might have like 8000 or 12,000 points and am left wondering: “Where have I been? How is it that I have not noticed this person before?” And @the100thmonkey is a stealth jelly. He swoops in and swoops out, very quickly, and sometimes you don’t even notice him. :-)

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100 congratulations to you and your 99 friends on your 10K of lurve. Will you be bringing all of them to the mansion with you? We might need more bananas.

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100th Congratulations!!!

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Congratulations! Party on, dude.

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WooHoo! When does the hot , wild, monkey sex start?
And Congratulations of the 10k!
And is it ok to start these last two sentences with an “And”?

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Congratulations! Here’s some hugs, just for existing! (((((())))))

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You damned dirty ape!!

Nah, I’m glad you’re in the mansion. You’re a great simian.

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Congrats to you and the other 99 as well.

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I see you are on your way to the mansion (almost there, there is land in sight)!
Well deserved, @the100thmonkey, congratulations!

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Well Done!!!!!!!!

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My jungle love! Oh, wee oh, wee oh, I think I wanna know ya (it’s a song, sorry). Congrats! Great job and so quick!

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Here is a song for the Party!!!!

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Congrats on the 10K. Hey hey, we’re the…........

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Thank you all!

Stay grumpy :)

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If there’s going to be any hot wild monkey sex I want the monkey to shower first, no guacamole on my monkey thanks. lol

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10Kongratulations. Have a well deserved banana.

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C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S ! ! !

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Congratulations! Welcome to the 10K Mansion!!:-)

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bananas for all!!!!


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* * * Y * A * Y * * * CONGRATULATIONS ! ! ! GOOD WORK ! ! ! * * * Y * A * Y * * *

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Congratulations on the big 10k! Banana peels everywhere! (slips)

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Nice job @the100thmonkey!!

The other 99 monkeys got nothing on you.

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And here I thought you were already in the mansion, imagine that. Well, you’re just a natural fit for both Fluther and the mansion. Congrats to you.

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Another bit of music for the festivities.

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Congo Rats to 100th Monkey! You earned it!

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Wow definitely no MONKEY BUSINESS here….....the apester’s in…...

Well done!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Please accept my belated venture into meta and continue with your celebration.

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Best damned Monkey party Sorry, but I just had to post a video from the party.

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Thanks again, all.

@Earthgirl – I love that song!

@LuckyGuy – I’m a descriptivist, but yeah… personally, that really annoys me :D

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the100thmonkey I love it too!! Isn’t the video great??

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