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How do you do your best happy dance!

Asked by linguaphile (14452points) May 18th, 2012

As of this afternoon, the divorce signature’s in place! Later at a softball game, I saw that the ex’s ring’s finally off and he’s already flirting with other ladies.

It’s done!! I’m free!!

How do you do your best happy dance??

My dance for today? I like this guy!

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Like this dude, only I have no army following me around.

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So thrilled for you! :) Now you can move on! :)

For me, this does it…

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You actually checked for the ring?

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Congratulations! What a relief this must be for you.

I totally dance like Carlton, too!

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I took lessons from Michael Jackson.

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I’m so happy for you @linguaphile!!!

The important thing to remember about the happy dance is… wear supportive footwear!
seriously. I did a happy dance when I got a job offer and ended up spraining an ankle.

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I like to follow Kevin’s example when doing a happy dance.

Congratulations! What a fabulous feeling! Don’t forget the belly flop at the end @linguaphile.

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Congratulations :-)
This is my happy dance!

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A true happy dance is one done without thinking or fear of shame, so take off your clothes & freak out!!

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All the videos/pictures made me laugh! Fun :D :D Another happy dancing guy (who made a lot of money off his happy dance…)

@woodcutter I didn’t check, just noticed it when he was flirting with a new lady. It’s significant because we separated a year and half ago and he has kept the ring on the whole time. We work at the same school and coworkers would ask me about it every now and then. I usually just tell them to ask him, not me, so for him to finally have the ring off at our community softball game (in public) means he has accepted it. It will make life easier now that he accepts it.

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Congratulations linguaphile Did someone say cartwheels?

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Happy dance: supine.

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I do a hip shimmy, similar to the 1960’s Godzilla as he approached battle with other monsters. I’ve also been known to make a squee sound at the same time. After this, I go in search of sushi and sake bombers.

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@linguaphile: This is wonderful news. Milo wants to know where to mail the gorilla suit, the whoopee cushions and the guy who throws cream pies. We’ll pay for shipping and handling.

I personally vote for Mark Linn-Baker’s and Bronson PInchot’s Dance of Joy.

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I’m usually all over the place! :)

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I just do it with my eyebrows that way I won’t pull anything.

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i just wiggle and shake…..

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@linguaphile: Very funny. See how liberating that signature was? You are now free to reinvent yourself in any ludicrous or ridiculous manner you choose.

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Hey, I thought you might enjoy this! happy dance

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