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What's your strategy for picking up guys/girls? Does it work for you?

Asked by wallabies (1081points) May 19th, 2012

As a girl, I try to just be cute and interested and let the guy work for it. My favorite is eye contact across a room full of oblivious people.

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From across the room, loudly:

“Hey…HEY! You wanna be my woman?”

Works about half the time.

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Back in my non-married days I always hoped for the whole eye contact across the room thing. When it never came, I just decided to wait for girls to hit on me. Turns out, the one I married I met in a normal every day setting. It wasn’t an eye contact across the room type place.

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I’m 55+ years old. If I try to pick up girls, I will be arrested.

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Most guys find me intimidating which is fine by me. I rarely like very many of them anyway.
But when I find someone special I am not one to let an opportunity pass me by because I don’t want to live with regret and wonder “if only” or “what if” ).
My approach is very simple and to the point.
I go up to them and say, ” I really like you. I’d like to get to know you better.”
It has worked for me EVERY TIME

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@FutureMemory LOL!

@digitalimpression It hasn’t happened to me often, but it is magic when it does! You need the chemistry, and two people that know how amazing it is.

@elbanditoroso LOL!

@pieceofapuzzle I might have to try that one day…

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I’ve never beem ‘Picked Up” or Picked Up” any girl. I never played that game because I knew it wiould be futlel. When your unactractive you don’t much worry about things that can never be. You just press on with your life and hope for the best.

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I never followed a practice of picking up people or being picked up.

Just be yourself.

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I dont pick up girls per se, but I do find that an intelligent conversation goes a long way :)

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I am very bold, I don’t play coy guessing games. If I am interested in someone I go for the direct approach. I have been told that I intimidate men, haha.
Being a very verbally fluent and outgoing extrovert I just go for it. I hate playing little flirty games, if you want something TAKE IT! Seize the man! lol

I passed a note on a napkin to a guy in a restaurant last year simply saying ” Would you like to go out sometime?” Had the waiter deliver it and he was so tickled…it was very cute. :-D

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1. Get a girlfriend.
2. Be faithful to her when you’re out with your buddies; don’t try to engage women.
3. Watch in ironic frustration as women approach you when you’re unable to do anything about it because you’re already in a relationship. I think women have the ability to smell that you’re off the market, which causes them to approach you. Note: this won’t work if you’re actually single and you merely pretend to be disinterested (they always know).

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@elbanditoroso There are “girls” of any age.

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Either through a set up date (nice thing about having sisters), or through some type of mutual contact/conversation. I was never into the blind approach, pick up lines, chasing or a whole horde of other horrible advice that the dating ‘experts’ love to spout on about. I’m not into the eye contact thing when I don’t know the woman, or any other person/situation for that matter.

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There are various websites devoted to conversation that I participate on. I’ve had a number of women start to flirt with me in very obvious ways. I’m married, so while I might flirt a little, I don’t want to go very far. But it is really nice finding out that someone is quite interested in you. I encourage people to let others know if they are interested. Even if they can’t get involved with you, it’s still nice to know they are desirable.

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