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What was your favorite out of the Dark Tower Series?

Asked by Mama_Cakes (10970points) May 19th, 2012

My girlfriend suggested that I read the series. I am starting with “The Drawing of the Three”. I know that it’s the second in the series. I’ll go back and read the first before I continue on.

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They all had their good points and bad points! I love the series over all and if you like fantasy based genre books then you’ll like these! I think Wizard and Glass was my favorite!

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The Gunslinger. It’s so hard though as that’s one of my all time favorite series reads.

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Didda chock. Didda chuck. Those freaking lobsters are hell on wheels!
Seriously, I got to hating the series because the venerable Mr King left us on a speeding psychotic train named Blain about to crash and didn’t pick up the thread for TEN FREAKING YEARS!
Stephen King, you can SUCK IT!
(Thanks, I always wanted to get that off my chest!)

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My favorites were The Gunslinger (I think you’re making a mistake by not starting at the beginning), Wizard and Glass, The Wastelands, and then the Wolves of the Calla, more-or-less in that order. Seriously, you should read the first one (and I prefer the original version to the altered version King released fairly recently).

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I really like Wizard and Glass and Song of Susannah.

I can’t wait to read The Wind Through The Keyhole.

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@Blondesjon Nikki just finished it and she said that it was her favorite.

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