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(New User) What is "Fluther" and is there anything I should know before using this site?

Asked by BIRDistheWORD (141points) May 19th, 2012

I just joined and I am wondering if there is anything that I should know that might get me kicked or banned from the site. Help would be apperciated!

Edit – What are these awards? What are they and how do you get them?

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Hello, @BIRDistheWORD, and welcome to Fluther!

There is a help section where you can read the rules, but I’m happy to mention a few of the more important things here. First, let me tell you about augustlan, the Community Manager, and the moderating team. We’re here to help you with any questions you might have. The Community Manager runs the site on behalf of its founders (Ben and Andrew) and keeps us all in line, while the moderators do their best to help her out.

Second, we take the writing guidelines pretty seriously. You seem to be doing pretty well on that so far. Keep it up and you should have no trouble! We all get moderated from time to time, though, so don’t take it personally. We just like to keep the site looking its best!

Third, note the differences between the sections. The General section is all about getting people the answers they need, so things typically stay pretty strictly on topic there. The Social section is more relaxed and allows for conversations to wander. The Meta section is for questions about Fluther itself (like this one). Again, you seem to have done fine with that so far.

As for behavior, it’s pretty commonsensical. No trolling, no flaming. We do our best to have thoughtful and civil conversations, even on controversial topics. Nobody’s perfect, of course, but people who routinely post things just to stir up the community don’t last for long. People acting in good faith typically do just fine, though.

One last thing I will mention is that if you are going to ask a question that is not safe for work, we ask that you put (NSFW) at the beginning and make sure that the title itself is safe for work. You can say whatever you like in the details section itself, but the title should be safe.

I’m sure everyone else will have a lot to say, and you’ll learn how things go around here as you settle into the community. These are the things that most often come up from the moderation side of things, though, so keeping them in mind should keep you out of trouble. Happy Fluthering!

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Just be yourself and don’t be an ass to anyone. lol
You will soon learn the few that are asshats and those of us that are genuinely nice peeps.
The “awards” are just for fun, and they are explained when you click on the one you receive in the community feed. Points are given for great answers and you can browse the guidelines to determine the proper fit for your Q’s. Social, General or Meta.

Pay attention to your spelling and grammar, the grammar police are always lurking and you will be called on the mat if you write in text speak or are, in general, incapable of formatting a legible response.
Otherwise, have fun and welcome to the pod!

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Everything you need to know is in the guidelines, including a list of moderators. You can find the guidelines on the bottom of the website.You can also ask them if you have any questions.
For the awards, not really sure what they’re all about but it’s just something quirky. For a full list of awards, click on your profile name, then “awards” on the tabs at the top. You can also view all of your questions you posted, as well as viewing any of your responses to any questions. You’ll just have to do some exploring on the site to find out what’s what. Pay attention to where you post your question, like in the Social, Meta, or General section.
Try and watch your spelling and grammar, and as with any site, no trolling.

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It’s a breeding ground for questions & their offspring, as you might expect in such an environment, there are some Randy buggers about… careful out there ;¬}

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The congratulatory back rubs from Augustlan for reaching each 10.000 point threshold do not come with a happy ending.

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You’ll figure it out as you go! Welcome to Fluther.

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Thanks everyone!

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Even if we have a dispute that devolves into some lively mud-slinging, which can occasionally happen on threads that are more controversial, we’re a pretty good happy, if somewhat dysfunctional family, and those threads will usually end in conversations about food and Star Trek. Welcome to the Fluther family : )

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Welcome to Fluther, @BIRDistheWORD!

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Welcome to Fluther. Also, you get points when someone follows you, when you log in two days in a row, and when someone gives you a “Good Answer” or “Good Question.” You will find if you stick around and ask and answer pretty regularly your points go up and up and up. You’ll get to know fellow Jellies from their answers and comments.

Now start asking away!

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Welcome to Fluther, @BIRDistheWORD. I love your name.

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mm ma ma mama mow mow
mama mow ma mow
b b b bird bird bird
bird is the word

Hey there. Welcome to the lagoon.

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I like the Ramones’ version.

Another thing, @BIRDistheWORD, when you hit 10,000 lurve points, you will be welcomed to the Mansion! It’s very exciting and everyone will congratulate you, and there’s then lurve all around! After that, every 10,000 point milestone gets you a little lurve party where everyone can show their love (and their lurve).

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But they don’t like Natty Lite in the mansion. :(

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Eewww, Natty Lite? Rum is better, but if there must be beer, let it be Shinerbock or Killian’s Red!

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Told you. :(

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