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Do you care about lurve?

Asked by elchoopanebre (3074points) May 28th, 2008

I see lurve points as a way to get people hooked on Fluther- something that exploited humans’ desire to go up in the ranks and get recognition.

Do you use Fluther just for the tapping and collecting, with no thought as to what your Lurve score is? Or do you think about your score and answer questions in a way to deliberately try to increase your points?

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i would have to say i am a little of both. i do not strive for the highest score, but it is great knowing someone thought i had either a great response or question.

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I don’t really let my lurve score effect my answers or questions. I do get excited when I see my lurve points go up though. I announce it daily to my husband.

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P.S. My husband thinks it is hilarious that I am obsessed with Fluther! :-)

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I just love the site. I would be lying if I said I didn’t get a little kick when I see my lurve has gone up. But it definitely is not the driving force behind my addiction. I like the sense of community this site gives me and the diversity of the questions/answers.
Now forget all that and give me some lurve!

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I am not sure how you would answer just to get points.

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@Adina1968 My husband also finds my Fluther habit a source of amusement.

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@adina1968— That’s so funny. I’m the same way with my wife. She gets sick of me always being on Fluther and rolls her eyes when I announce how much lurve I got overnight.
Come on people. Where is that lurve?

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What’s interesting is how quicky the lurve economy has grown. Back in the day, you had to work to get 100 stars. Now it’s not a stretch to acquire than within a day.

I like to see if my better responses get lurve.

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Begging for lurve; that’s an all-time low, even for me. Sorry.

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@kevbo I have found that the old truism is at work here: Lurve works in mysterious ways.

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Lurve for me too! Pretty, Pretty Please! :-) LOL!

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I love lurve. But I still put a lot of thought and consideration into my answers.

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Adina-That’s just so sorry, begging like that!

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I hate to admit it but it took this question for me to figure out what lurve was.

That is not surprising considering I thought it was Jimmy the Cricket until I was 21 and Cold Slaw until I was 39.

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I think lurve is cool, but I would visit and participate just as often without it…...........I think!

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I am disenchanted with the need people seem to have to get their scores up. I find the scores useful mostly just to see how long people have been participating in Fluther, but I am wondering if the lurve thing is working as the Fluther gods intended…

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This discussion is nothing but lurve heaven. lol

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gimme, gimme, gimme

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we are a very lurve hungry pack…and I’m starving…

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I think I would use this site just as much if lurve didn’t exist. With that said, it certainly does appeal to me to see my score go up.

So it’s half and half.

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I wish I got. In this conversation earlier. I think I would have received some lurve points easier that way. I think lurve works though. I love it when my score go up! I remember the first time I got 15 points from one answer and told one of my best friends immediately and got them to join. Now there’s another person to answer questions on here, because of lurve. And makes me feel like I have to get on to see how many points I have, and every day that I do, it goes up! It also makes me want to write more ellaborate answers. And gets me to check my questions and gets me to actually answer questions. Without it, I don’t think I would answer half as many questions as I do. And I give it out because I love getting it! I firmly believe that lurve works!

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More often than not…I consider a heapload of responses to a question I pose more lurving than actual GQ points (if the discussion is on-topic). I still like getting points for my responses though…it tells me someone read my words and appreciated them.

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I wish it would cost 2 points to give 5 for. Great answer, and 1 point to give 3 for a great question. And one point for every consecutive day you log in (like it is). That would make lurve go only to really great answers (I think), and still keep people giving. People in this question just gave it out. I like the really great answers.

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That is an interesting proposition. It cost points to give them. It states how committed you are. It would be really interesting to have how much you have spent displayed as well.

I know there are some who doll it out.

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I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and, goshdangit, people lurve me.

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I like getting lurve and being lurving toward my coflutherers makes me feel more human. I think I notice an upswing in general appreciativeness amongst the collective since lurve was instituted.
Like we figured out it helps us as a species to be mutually supportive.

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@bmhit1991: Oh My God, thank you. From the beginning, and each time there’s a new influx of new users, I have begged for Ben and Andrew (and sferik) to do away with the point system. But now I like your idea better. It should cost you lurve to give lurve. And I like your pricing system.

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I like it when I see someone GA’d or GQ’d something I posted – as much as when someone makes a comment that something I posted was interesting, amusing or useful, but I don’t care about the numbers.

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@ nocountry that was just darn funny. Hehe

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I don’t care for lurve, it’s just a roadblock.

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I think too many mistake lurve for rep.

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