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Why do you feel that personal hygeine is out the window, for some, when they're camping or up at the cottage?

Asked by Mama_Cakes (9824points) May 19th, 2012

We have been up at my girlfriend’s cabin for a week and most here feel the need to tell others that they haven’t showered in days and days.

Is it because you’re comfortable, lazy, just don’t care or all three?

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I think a possible cause is not that people aren’t washing but they insist on wearing “technical clothes” such polypropelene base layers when camping that tend to smell much more noticably than natural materials.

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I think personal hygiene is out the window in civilized, modern society including office buildings and restaurants.
I can’t believe how many people come out of a stall and basically barely get their hands wet without using soap and then head back to their desk at work. What are you going to do? Confront him? What happens if he’s some sort of senior manager that can slam you later?

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If they have running water and a shower there is no excuse for not taking a shower for days and days. That’s just icky!

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I can only “rough” it for about 48 hours in a wilderness camp out scene. I HAVE to AT LEAST wash my face, brush my teeth and “freshen” up. Nothing wrong with lakes and rivers, but only for a few days. If there is a shower I’m in it every morning and most nights before bed too.

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I refused to go camping (as an adult) at the place where we used to camp when I was a child, until I found out that they have since installed hot showers in the bathrooms. I always carry a big jug of hand sanitizer and wet wipes when I’m on vacation.

My hair gets really greasy over-night, and the idea of my pits and other areas being sweaty or smelling bad makes my skin crawl. I need hot showers.

I don’t mind the dirt or the bugs or sleeping on the hard ground or cooking outdoors, in fact I enjoy the whole idea of camping. I just can’t personally be dirty or smelly.

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Maybe they think that’s part of “roughing it”. I disagree. a rag, a sponge, a sock and some water means you can keep from at least getting rank smelling. Pocket knives clean fingernails just fine.

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Makes you wonder how people lived 100+ years ago when they might have taken a bath once or twice a year. Gross.

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I’ve never had a cabin when I went camping but..

Camping is supposed to be “roughing it” in my book. Not showering is just part of the deal. Yeah, you feel a little gross and there’s dirt gathering behind your ears and there’s mud on your clothes etc etc… That’s what makes the hot shower feel that much nicer when you return to civilization.

I’ve had people refuse to go camping because they couldn’t take a shower while “out on the range”. Those are the type of people I have no desire to camp with.. If I have to use nice words.. they are pansies. They are the type of people who think camping has something to do with a big ass RV with extendo-shade and a built in stove who park in a campground 20 yards from a full bathroom complete with a shower…

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Because it’s not necessary unless you actually fall down in pigshit. Last winter I took my dog to a construction site 80 miles from home and lived in the structure for 4 days. The commute was nice as in nil. I did a few birdbaths but the house was freezing at night. Got out of bed in the morning and went to work. It was good times. It seems my dog was left completely unoffended by the whole deal. And I get paid to do it win win win win win win win win.

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I think it’s a little different kind of story for women @woodcutter. Really!

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@digitalimpression Well, I think you need to take into consideration a persons age too. I spent a lifetime camping, river rafting, trail riding on my horse but NOW, at 52, you betcha’ I want a motor home or a nice little cabin or a lakefront rental house. I have no desire to sleep in a tent in the dirt and wake up stiff and dirty and brew my coffee over a damn campfire.

I’ve EARNED some comfort, gimme the memory foam over a sleeping bag any day o’ the week.

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@Dutchess_III rrrrrrrrrrrreally?

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memory foam is nice, shcleeeeeep

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As any parent will tell you, you can always freshen up – thanks to the magic that is baby wipes.
My daughter’s nine, and we still buy them.

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@cprevite Yay baby wipes!

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Personally, I do not feel hygiene is out the window at camp. We do not lose our ability to turn on the shower. I guess if there was no running water, that would be a problem. But you made no mention of that problem, so I’m afraid I can’t begin to guess what your friends’ problems are.

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Perhaps they just feel that “camping” means “roughing it”, which usually involved limited hygiene rituals.

Personally, when I go camping, I will drive to a campground bathroom or something, where I can at least wash my hair and brush my teeth.

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@Coloma To each his/her own I suppose.. My grandfather was camping under the stars well into his 80’s .. I plan to follow his example.

Granted, if you are injured or something.. you can still enjoy the outdoors a little in a campground.. not faulting you for that.. I only hope I’m well into my 80’s before I’m forced to do “city-slicker camping”.

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