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How would you respond if the police did this to you? [See details]?

Asked by ETpro (34428points) May 19th, 2012

It’s a weekend. Time for some light-heartedness, no? This video explains the question fully..

Well, almost fully. There are a few other open questions. If these turtles can’t climb over the rails, how do they get between them to begin with? And do they really know to walk 50 yards one way or the other to find a bridge? You have any idea how long it’s going to take a turtle to walk 50 yards over cross ties and gravel bed?

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Wow, what a weird juxtaposition.
There seems to be one time of year in particular when I see lots of turtles on the road. I always stop and take them the rest of the way across whichever direction they’re headed.
Is this some sort of statement about police brutality?
Seems a bit overstated and incontheevable!

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Most of the turtles on roads don’t really want to cross, they are just crawling up on the road to warm themselves up for the day’s adventures.

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Awww, now I feel bad!

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What was that commercial all about??

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The commercial before the cops spoof! I didn’t get the point at all!

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American police are so camp.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles would have no problem with this….....“Heroes in a half shell!”

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It’s kind of the opposite for me. There is supposedly a 20 mil- “turtle crossing” zone down at the beach, in lower Delaware, on Rt. 1 on a relatively narrow strip of land between the ocean and the bay. This is the sign.. It’s a pretty big sign, the others I’ve seen are the little yellow traffic sign size, so I think they want you to see it but I have driven that road hundreds and hundreds of times over the course of my life, during every time of the year, and I have never seen a single damn turtle on the road.

Also, I did a google image search to find a picture of the Delaware sign and noticed that some of the “turtle crossing” signs indicate a certain period of year for turtle crossing; a couple of signs had May – Sept and I think one was Jul – Sept so your observation that it certain times of the year when you see the turtles is consistent with that.

I also agree that the film is a little over the top in it’s portrayal of the cops. It’s not realistic, in terms of portraying police brutality and corruption, but it’s not really a parody or funny either so I’m not sure what the point of it is. At the very least, the cops would drive off like that firing their weapons because every time an officer discharges his or her weapon there is in investigation.

The film looks like something an undergraduate film student would make so I tried to get a little info on they guy who made this and went to the website of the the “production company,” Zoochosis, of the guy who made the video and he sounds like kind of a bit of a dick.

On the about page he claims that “Making films that are unforgettable in style and content, Zoochosis is setting a new standard for new media.” LOL. Big talk, little output. Also, this little video seems to have caused some big trouble for some employees of the city of West Covina, CA. and the director’s response, at 2:01 on the video is a bit of dick head statement too, I think. More big talk, little output; as though his little video was some masterful statement on police brutality and corruption.

I couldn’t bring myself to watch any of his other videos but if this one is typical of what Zoochosis does, there is more ego than reality in the claim that they are making ”…films that are unforgettable in style and content” and “setting a new standard for new media.”

I’d rather watch the turtles, and if anyone else would, I found the turtle video on NPR.. It was produced as part of their “Science Friday” show and @ETPro, it explains how the turtles get in but can’t get out. There’s a rim inside the tracks that isn’t on the outside of the tracks and their feet apparently get stuck in that.

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@Trillian I think you’r doing the reptiles a favor carrying them off the road. @WestRiverrat is right they see it as sunning and warming up their cold-blooded bodies before an action packed day of racing around at 0.01 MPH looking for high adventure and tomato patches. But they fail to grasp that most woodland rocks do not have 5,000 vehicles speeding along the top of them at 65 miles per hour. If you really want to help them, you might find a good warm sunning surface on the side of the road they entered on. I stop to help them too.

@Dutchess_III I think it was the radio program the guy was listening to as he drove. Justaposing the feel-good sort of coverage common to NPR with the drama queen cops punking the poor driver.

@ucme With the stuff about the turtles getting stuck between railroad tracks, it would have been awesome if he’s mutated into a ninja turtle and cleaned those jokester’s colcks.

@lillycoyote I think you need to light En up. You’re two tents.

But I am really glad to know that the turtle bridges do work. I really, really like turtles. Check this behemoth turtle out.

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@ETpro LOL. I am kind of tightly wound sometimes, even I will admit that. :-) I did find the the turtle video though, with the little turtle bridges, as you were kind and wise enough to acknowledge, and where the answer to your question: “If these turtles can’t climb over the rails, how do they get between them to begin with” lay.

That is a big ass turtle!

And here’s a big mouth turtle.

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@lillycoyote That kink of looks like the GOP plan for the economy.

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@ETpro Have you read Yertle the Turtle?

It made MSN’s list of the nine most subversive children’s books

From the article:

Speaking of subversive Dr. Seuss books, “Yertle the Turtle” is practically a call to arms. Some turtles in a nice little pond on the far-away Island of Sala-ma-Sond were happy and content — until their self-appointed king Yertle became overcome by delusions of grandeur. The power-hungry turtle said, “I’m ruler of all that I see. But I don’t see enough. That’s the trouble with me.” So, he kept ordering turtles to pile up in a stack so he could perch atop them and enjoy his heady new view. He started with a nine-turtle throne, then progressed to a 200-turtle throne, then made a move to stack up 5,607 turtles — and that’s when Mack, a plain little turtle at the very bottom of the stack, burped. The turtle stack shook and toppled, causing Yertle to crash, humiliated, into the mud of the little pond. The book’s conclusion? “... all the turtles are free as turtles and, maybe, all creatures should be.”

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@lillycoyote My, that does sound subversive. How fare we object to oligarchs demanding all we have and standing on our shoulders?

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I’m a big fan of Ira and Flora and we exchange the odd email now and then. I think they would think this was rather funny, in a strange way. I remember this Science Friday episode, it is quite an old one, but it is still on the website if you want to see the original video and hear the original piece in it’s entirety.

Oops. I see someone beat me to finding the video.

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There are actually extensive sea-turtle laws for those of us who live along the beach in FL. That’s why you don’t see a lot of lights on A1A at night during certain parts of the year. Apparently, after the baby sea turtles hatch, if they see a bright light across the street, they will head for it, ultimately causing them to get smooshed. And everyone here knows, you don’t even look at a sea turtle nest in the wrong way, let alone approach it, lest you be arrested. It’s a very serious issue here, and the locals know to never disturb a nest, but those pesky tourists are sometimes unaware, hence the many postings about the laws in hotels/condos.

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@cazzie It;s a quick crowd here. But it’s the thought that counts.

@laurenkem Glad to hear they are well protected. They are such neat creatures.

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