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Name 10 things you want to do before you die?

Asked by BIRDistheWORD (141points) May 19th, 2012

What 10 things do you want accomplish or acheive before you die?

Mine are:
1. Go to Australia
2. Meet a professinal sports athlete (one I haven’t already seen before)
3. Buy a dream/big house
4. Win the Lottery (don’t we all!)
5. Go on a Cruise
6. Invent something new that everyone will use (hopefully)
7. Graduate from college (PhD)
8. Move out of America (Austraila would be nice, but so would England)
9. Buy a new ( or newer car/truck)
10. Work as becoming a Paramedic

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I guess at my age it’s time to think about these things.

1. Ride a century bike race.
2. Dance at my great grand children’s weddings.
3. Spend a month driving around Spain with my wife.
4. Improve my Spanish for the above trip.
5. Fly a open cockpit stunt plane.
6. Sky dive.
7. Move to someplace warm to retire.
8. Buy an electric car.
9. Celebrate when the last U.S. soldier leaves Afghanistan.
10. Die when I’m ready with the help of a good doctor.

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1. Ride in a hot air baloon. Done
2. Ride in a cesna 4 seater plane. Done
3. Ride in a hellicopter.
4. Go on a carribean island vacation.
5. Move to the beach.
6. Sky dive. Maybe. I’m kinda scared of heights.
7. Learn to ride a motorcycle.
8. Run a marathon.
9. Go to Paris.
10. Live well, die quick.

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1. Tone down the sarcasm
3. Be more tolerant of even numbers
7. Learn to count
9. ty nine red balloons…..doo de doo doo doo.

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1. See some of Europe, Asia, Africa.

2. Ride in a hot air balloon

3. Fly a helicopter

4. Ride in an Indy car

5. Drive my own motorcycle

6. Ride in a submarine (not at Disneyland)

7. Sky dive

8. Re start my business

9. Retire by the ocean

10. Take good care of my family

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Become confident my children will have good marriages.
Experience my children graduating from college to worthwhile careers.
Experience my kids cleaning their rooms, brushing their teeth, and putting their junk away for ever and ever without me having to remind them.
Ensure my parents (89 and 90) live their remaining years in a dignified way.
Ensure my parents’ estate is transferred tax free and without liens.
Keep the rabbits off my lawn.
Experience the Kings winning the Stanley Cup
Experience the Clippers winning the NBA championship
Experience the Lakers beating the Boston Celtics two more times surpass Boston’s (17) championships for a Laker total of 18 championships.
Get my 1998 F-150 engine to quit running rough without spending more than $100.

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Write a novel.
Resume painting.
Fall in love again.
See Alaska.
Get peace with the break-up of my marriage.
Have great sex.
Stay in a cottage in the Lake District.
Get closer to my grandson.
Learn how not to obsess.
Enjoy what life has to offer.

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1. Milla Jovovich
2. Gwyneth Paltro
3. Kim Kardashian
4. Vanessa Demouy
5. Megan Fox
6. Liv Tyler
7. Shakira
8. Lady Gaga
9. Anne Hathaway
10.Keira Knightley

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1. Write many books
2. Become a Distinguished Professor of Sociology
3. Have a third child
4. Build a cabin in the woods
5. Have a farm
6. See my children grow up
7. Have grandchildren
8. Get a husky
9. Stay with my partner forever
10. ............somebody, fill in my 10th

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make a perfect milkshake
be happy with my lawn
rebuild my body
be able to ride my bike fifty miles without bonking
play in a jazz band
have people seek me out to see what I think
be asked to write a book of advice
perfect my relationships

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Change my name to Gabrielle.
Get rich.
Fuckup some real, genuine zombies.
Own a hearse, preferably a Packard from the forties.
Have my own horror movie website, which is a plan…but a hell of a lot of work, haha.
Dive into a pool filled with pillows.
Grow my hair really long.
Visit my grandmother in France.
Have my own army of dinosaurs.
Learn how to play a harp, or an electric guitar. Or an electric harp.

Most importantly though, zombies.

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1. Save enough to pay for my daughter’s college.
2. Save enough to pay for my daughter’s wedding.
3. Visit Spain
4. Lose some weight
5. Visit Paris again
6. Live in Italy
7. Have a gallery show of my photography
8. Re-marry my wife
9. Adopt another child
10. Retire

9 & 10 are pretty unlikely at this point, but one can dream. :^)

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@cprevite Life is short; eat more cookies.

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@janbb: “Eat more cookies” is actually my number 0. :^)

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Go to Chicago (I have a friend who lives there)
Write a novel and get it published
Learn Spanish, and live there for six months
Visit Paris
Win the lottery and buy an expensive apartment in Kensington, London
Get singing lessons and be able to sing properly again

… can’t think of any more right now. And really, none of them (except maybe the novel-writing) can possibly happen unless I win the lottery.

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1. Publish the romance novel always running through my head.
2. Eat snails in Paris
3. Neuter a dog
4. Invent liquid black licorice
5. Get a Segway
6. Deliver a baby
7. Design a Halloween costume
8. Change my name to something fancy
9. Live in New York
10. Spend 100 bucks in that candy store in New York

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@madsmooney1214 Neuter a dog? Hey, it’s your top ten, who am I to question?

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^^ Maybe dog balls are similar to rocky mountain oysters. Just sayin’

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@madsmooney1214 I once helped to neuter a cat – it was a feral cat on a farm that I used to spend a lot of time on. I was one of the few people this cat would allow near so it was my job to catch and hold it while the vet delivered the anaesthetic and did the deed.

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I once had a calf neutered. I was in school though, so I wasn’t actually present when the deed was done. But it was my calf, although we didn’t have the guts to make Rocky Mountain Oysters.

Odd, because knowing this animal made me squeamish about that, but not, later on, about eating its flesh. My sister, however, never did taste any of that beef. It was really good.

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