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How does the endocrine system work with the nervous system?

Asked by saraccina (33points) May 19th, 2012

I don’t fully understand the concept.

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I study neuroendocrinology. Can you be more specific?

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I dont know how I can be more specific, as I am not very educated on the subject. Do you know of any ways the endocrine system works with the nervous system of immune system?

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Action potentials (electrical activity generated by neurons) traveling down axons usually exert an effect through a synapse mechanism. In certain neuro-endocrine tissue, however, action potentials stimulate secretory cells to release substances directly into the bloodstream. You see a predator, for instance, and sympathetic nerves to your adrenal glands signal a big squirt of adrenalin into your circulation.

On the flip side, some endocrine hormones modulate synaptic transmission of nerve impulses, either stimulating or blocking receptors in the synapse. There are numerous pathways and feedback loops that make a detailed description quite complex.

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I should add that I’m not aware of connections between the nervous system and the immune system.

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