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Should I go to prom?

Asked by manwitlotsofques (2points) May 28th, 2008 from iPhone
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If you can, yes. It will be special memories of a special time. High school comes but once in life. You don’t have to go with a guy or girl just to go if you have no one special. Get a group of friends and go that way.

Also, try not to get the expectations so high you will be bound to be disappointed. It is just a dance not the event of a lifetime. Go with the idea of having a fun time with classmates.

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Yes. Proms are not really all that great, but if you don’t go you will think that you missed out on something great and then it will always bug you that you didn’t go.

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go, just don’t make a big deal out of it.

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Only if you feel like it. Don’t get worked up about it.

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I only went once, in my senior year, and it was well worth it.

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I didn’t go to my high school prom. I didn’t have anyone in particular I wanted to take and it seemed like a lot of money. I had a party with my friends instead. I don’t regret it.

(Looks like I may be the only dissenting opinion.)

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It’s an experience. You get one chance to do it.

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There alot of things in life you can only do once. But if some of those things don’t truely interest you, I wouldn’t bother. I went to my prom for 20 minutes, then went to a hotel to have sex wth a girlfriend at the time for two hours. If I didn’t have a girlfriend, and no one asked me, I probably would have gone out and had fun some where else.

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You are only young once. Go and enjoy yourself! Just don’t do anything foolish or something you might regret.

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Honestly, go only if you feel you have the right company. If its going to be you and some of your best friends, then yeah! why not? But if you feel you are going to be stuck with a couple of friends, all of whom have dates, and you know from past experiences that you will be ignored for majority of the evening, then plan something else fun to do on that day instead. Prom is very overrated, but like the others also said, if you feel that 10 years down the road you will never be able to criticize it because you never experienced it….uhh I mean regret not experiencing it….then sure…...go, have fun, be safe ;)

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I agree with PnL. I went to my prom despite not being a real lover of such social occasions. I could have easily done without it. It was fun for a couple hours being with friends, but then I quickly lost interest.

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didn’t go, no regrets

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I diddnt go to mine, I don’t regret it at all

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