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How to get rid of acne?

Asked by scarlettbuzz (7points) May 19th, 2012

I am really upset due to acne problem please help?

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Stop stressing over it, wash your face often and wait until puberty ends, it’s natural, so why bother worrying?

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Unfortunately, everybody’s skin is different so there aren’t any surefire ways of getting rid of it. @XOIIO‘s suggestions might help most people, but I can tell you true that no matter how much or how little you wash your face, even decades past puberty, some people will find they still get acne. That’s why there’s a multitude of products out there claiming to help fight it. You might benefit from seeing a dermatologist. The best piece of advice I can give you is don’t touch it. As hard as it is, don’t touch your face, and hopefully that will stop some pimples and prevent the others from leaving scars.

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I didn’t have really bad acne. But it was bad enough that I bought expensive stuff that actually made it worse.

I washed my face three times a day with the Neutrogena stuff and many others like it.

What finally cleared me up was clean rags and really hot water. Wipe your face down with almost painful hot water every few hours and see if it helps. It did for me.

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When ever anyone asks about acne, I put them onto this website. She is a cosmetics formulator from heaven, in my opinion. Have a read and then go to what products she recommends. She does make her own stuff, but she also has an extensive database where she tests products that are widely available and looks at their ingredients and cuts through all the marketing bullshit.

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It’s called retin a. My daughter did it and it works. Use sunscreen. Do it now, don’t let acne ruin your teenage life. You can buy it online. Ps . It’s pretty inexpensive and no nonsense. Tretonin

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If you can, go see a dermatologist. There are some prescription drugs that are supposed to do wonders for acne.

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I have a sort of odd story about acne – not sure how helpful it is, but: I had fairly severe acne into my 20s, and kept it kinda under control with the regimen. Eventually the dryness was too unbearable, so I stopped using it and mostly lived with my acne. I tried other things, like diets, but nothing worked.

Some time later, I decided I wanted to lose some weight and began working out. Within days of doing cardio workouts at the gym my acne just all but disappeared. Pustules went away, and blackheads started falling out of my pores. My nose would stung a bit at first from pores being exposed.

What is interesting is, even after I stopped exercising, the problem never really came back. My original exercises were soak-the-shirt-with-sweat type exercises on the bike – probably workouts I never quite had, even as a kid. Even now I have the odd breakout, but it’s very rare, usually accompanying stress – and it rarely happens on my face anymore. It most often happens under my scrotum.

Anyway, you don’t say how old you are, and I’m not saying that exercise is key, but maybe some underlying health-related issue is the cause. So far as I know, nobody really knows exactly what keeps acne going.

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What always worked for me was a tonor with salycilic acid. I thought my acne was gone in my 30’s and stopped using it and it came back.
Now that I’m in my 40’s I use a tonor with glycolic acid. It keeps the acne AND the wrinkles away.

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Excercise and hydration have worked best for me, though, i also like to moisturize with a minimal amount of coconut oil

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I know its strange but this always works for me, if you have an extra tooth brush use it to brush tooth paste where the acne is and leave it over night. (Basically scrub your face with tooth-paste) the next morning you should see a significant difference, I didn’t believe it either but it worked great for me. another thing that works great is proactive, No not that 3 step crap but try the “Proactive Refining mask” that’s one other thing that worked great, but I use the mask all night not for only 15 minutes :)

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Talking about keeping wrinkles away, I use my own goatmilk soap and people NEVER guess my age and always think at least 10 years younger.

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