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Can any body explain "go moan for man" in JK's On the road?

Asked by ling_pi (6points) May 28th, 2008

Context: “I was standing on the hot road underneath an arc-lamp with the summer moths smashing into it when I heard the sound of footsteps from the darkness beyond, and lo, a tall old man with flowing white hair came clomping by with a pack on his back, and when he saw me as he passed, he said, “Go moan for man,” and clomped on back to his dark. Did this mean that I should at last go on my pilgrimmage on foot on the dark roads around America?”

I’m using English as a foreign language and “On the road” is really a big challenge. However, it’s so great that i couldn’t help try to understand as much as possible. Thanks in advance

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He could have just been a pervert.

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Well for the second part of the question, “on the road” means you’re traveling. Either by driving, walking (hitch-hiking), busing – whatever.

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Oh, I love Kerouac, but seldom understand all of his word play. Perhaps he hoped to inspire this traveler to become the voice of mankind, moaning the collective woes and confusions into the universe because man in general can’t find the words to express it.

Or maybe I’m a few steps into a philosophical run-around-the-block… must find my copy of the book!!

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Well shit, I completely misunderstood the question. Sorry. =[

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It was a documentary and if not mistaken , it was released in 1999 or 2000.

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since I am using my iPhone i’m unable you insert a link. Go to & type in “moan for man” that should help you to better
understand the meaning. I hope this helps!

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Thank you all. I didn’t expect to have so many responses. I do love Jack Kerouac but same as PandorasBlocks it’s hard to understand his wording, I guess “go moan for man” mean “please go and feel sad for the fate of human kind”, but not sure :|
Anw, thank you all very much!

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I think your interpretation above is spot on!

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The tall old man with flowing white hair saying “Moan for man” was God telling Jack to write,

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