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Have you ever pissed off a snake?

Asked by Dutchess_III (42290points) May 20th, 2012

We did today. A BIG one. About 4 ft long. We wanted to started at the far end of our pond, pulling out old logs, tree limbs and crap to make a landing for the canoe. There is no other place to beach. Rick paddled over to reconnoiter. When he came back in the boat and said “Go over there, to the left, but don’t go over there, to the right. BIG snake!”
I went over there, to the left…and the snake had decided to go over there to the left too. I saw an odd swirl in the water, watched it…and the snake surfaced about 3 feet away, swimming away. Then it stopped and turned around and stared at me like, “I hate you!” It was kind of freaky!

At any rate, we wrecked that part of his turf, and I feel a little bad (hell, he has a whole acre of pond and branches to hang out in) ....but the thing is, I don’t know if it was a water moccasin or not. If it’s a moccasin I will kill it. If not…I will find things to make him feel better.

You ever pissed off a snake? Ever felt sorry for a snake?

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I do not think I have ever seen an actual snake before.

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I have never felt sorry for a snake. Nope. Never. Not once. I don’t get close enough to snakes to piss them off. This is the day for snake questions. @ragingloli, are you blind?

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I’m assuming the cottonmouth that I murdered last year got pretty pissed before I decapitated him.

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I was thinking of you @WillWorkForChocolate!! But you MURDERED the snake. Not just pissed him off! :) That was still the “Best Question Ever” for the way it was phrased! Hands down!

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I like snakes. The dangerous ones I stay away from, but I still like ‘em.

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I’ve never killed a snake. and I hate the thought of people hurting/killing them just because they’re snakes. They’re trying to avoid you more than you’re trying to avoid them actually.

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Yes, just the other night. My cat has caught the SAME fat little garter snake that hangs around my patio where all the tree frogs are. Spied the cat baffing at the throw rug by the back door that has the kitty door installed. The poor snake was under the throw rug. I picked it up and it was so scared it pooped on me! I keep putting it down the hill from my deck but I guess it’s hunting turf is by my bamboos and hot tub where all the frogs are.

I have only seen one rattlesnake this year so far, last year I TRIPPED over a young one in sandles walking on the river trail by my house only about a foot long, and some years ago we had to kill a monster 4 footer that had my cat pinned behind the garage. I thought it’s rattling was the sprinkler…um not! haha

I like snakes, but the toxic ones I will do in if they are threatening the safety of my animals mostly. I try to kill nothing on a whim, it has to be a serious threat.
Maybe you can ID it next time and then you will know if it is harmless or not. :-)

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I once held a twelve foot python at a circus in Italy. He was really heavy. Never pissed one off, I leave them alone. I smushed a spider today… does that count?

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Pissed off? Yep, a rattler, I then dropped a, say, 20 lb rock on his head. Feel sorry for it? Nah, the sucker had it coming.

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I’m trying to figure out how to ID moccasins. I Googled it…not exactly much help. According to Google, it wasn’t a moccasin…but it WAS big and scary and maybe it was. IDK.

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I have aroused a snake once.

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When I was a kid, I was hiking with a couple of friends in the country. We identified a very large King snake and I was told that they are harmless by my buddies so I picked it up. The snake bite down on may hand so hard that it drew blood and took its time letting go. “Harmless? Look at what that thing did to my hand!” I screamed.

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PS it was my snake

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Well, @gondwanalon. They have teeth! Dogs are “harmless” in that they aren’t venomous, but…they have teeth!

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Never pissed off any snakes…the only ones I’ve ever seen up close are little garter snakes. I picked one up once, and it was awesome. Smelled kinda nasty though.
Saw big snakes in zoos, but otherwise, no. I wouldn’t piss em off if I saw em, either. Like a Cobra or an Anaconda or something.

In a matter, you probably did piss it off, but actually it probably perceived you as a threat, (you know, since you may have trashed his home :p ) and the stare was to asses the situation, and whether to flee or fight? Don’t know much about snakes, but they’re probably a lot more about survival than anything emotional. Maybe it was making sure you wouldn’t go after it. Then again, someone correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t most snakes have excellent vision, and like birds can see all around them without having to turn their heads? Or maybe they use vibration or something…maybe it did get pissed!

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Pissed of a snake? No. A duck, yeah.

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No, but I pissed off a cliff one time, ended up all over me, it was very windy up there.

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I’m still in awe of @Coloma and her California snakes that walk around! in sandals! How cool does a snake have to be when it walks! in sandals! I’ll bet it was wearing some cool shades, too… and even had ears for the bows.

And I’d bet anything that the snake wasn’t wearing socks with those sandals, either. Too cool for that.

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The old ones wear socks with their sandals. The young ones in sandals have no socks.

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Oh yeah. Bale one up in a hay bale and watch someone grab that bale. It’s a very unique thrill.

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