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How do you pronounce this last name?

Asked by JHUstudent (692points) May 20th, 2012

How do you pronounce the last name Itkonen? It’s Finnish I believe.

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Oh my…hmmm….any Finnish speakers in the house?
‘eet -onan’ ?
‘Ike silent ‘T’ onan’? I had an Austrian friend with the last name ” Repesha”
It was pronounced ‘Rep- a- shaw” but everyone always mispronounced it ” Ree -pesha”. lol
Drove my friend nuts.

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Just as it looks –
It, as in it’s it.
Ko as in codependent.
Nen, rhymes with ben.

Stress the first syllable.

I have a friend with a Finnish name that is very close to this. Very straightforward pronunciation.

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@zenvelo Heh…well…looks like I was trying too hard.
My last name is “Bryson”...pretty straightforward you’d think, but I have been called ‘Bunsen”, ” Bison” ’ Byronson” and the best ever..“Bixpin.” Go figure! lol

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Where’s the secondary accent, @zenvelo? Is it “strong-strong-weak” as in, say, “half-hearted,” or strong-weak-strong, as in “daffodil”? Does “nen” really rhyme with “Ben,” full stress on a short-e sound, or is it just an unaccented syllable as in the ending of “Solomon”?

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@Jeruba The first two syllables are as you describe, as in “half-hearted”.

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Ayt-ko-nan LOL! That’s only a guess.

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is there any chance that “t” or “k” is silent?

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IT ko-nan

(I believe my Finnish Grammy would say)

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