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Do you think girls get bored faster in a relationship than guys?

Asked by punkrockworld (960points) May 28th, 2008


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I think it depends on the type of people. Some men like to be in a steady relationship, and some women like to be wild and crazy.

Personally, I don’t like jumping from person to person. If I’m in a relationship with someone (or find someone who I want to be in a relationship with), I picked them for a reason. I like them and I want to be with them.

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Women often seem to be more emotionally invested and carry specific ideals about what a relationship should be, and are therefore more easily let down when things don’t equate, IMO. So yes, I believe women have the potential to bore more easily.

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Definitely not. I have broken up with every girl I have ever dated.

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I don’t think so.

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Then again…there’s guys like ezraglenn! :) I think I dated you. (haha)

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I dont think so

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Not necessarily.

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In my experience it depends on the many factors that affect a relationship dynamic. In my last relationship, I got bored and the girl wasn’t. But many times, I have seen it turn out where the girl got bored before the guy insofar as wanting more spontaneous and new things to happen.

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It really depends on the person, personality, past experience, maturity and what kind of relationship they are looking for. You cannot make a blanket statement for either gender. I personally get bored with anything (not just relationships) easily. Doesn’t say much for my level of maturity…but oh well.

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You might want to consider doing some poking around on the Web to see if there have ever been studies about it. Not that the results will be revealing to you about yourself, but are you by any chance looking to see if you getting bored quickly with relationships is somewhat normal behavior? If so, then if you do find studies that have addressed the issue then there might be insights as to why it is, and as to how you can change it.

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Depends on how boring the guy is.

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its a case by case, I dont think you can generalize. if I had to, id say guys get bored faster, that seems to be the general trend.

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To be fair, I don’t think there is necessarily a gender-based truism to this.

I think what you’re describing is how sometimes our expectations differ from our partners.

One person is more attached to the new love feelings and often variety of activities you often see in newer relationships, whereas the other person is more settled, possibly not contributing as much.

This winds up leading to boredom and/or feelings of being taken for granted for the more pursuant party involved.

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I think it’s opposite.

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I think it depends on who wants or how much he or she wants from the relationship or out of the relationship, whether it be ; emotional, physical, or materialistic.

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maybe,but, whats the relationship?

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it depends on how it goes, my parents have been married for more that 25 years and still look like teenagers, but, in my case, I get bored by the third day, with classic exceptions(7 days), I think it depends on the person you r dating, if its right for you, you wont get bored (most of the times)

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I have seen the statement, “A woman can’t love a man whom she can control” proven true in real life. In reality I find that most people are boring until you dig deep enough to find their goals and dreams. Then you find out that they are an eco-terrorist; YAY! They aren’t boring anymore!! That is why I try to be weird externally, to avoid looking boring. Marines generally don’t have that problem of appearing boring.

I mean really! How can you appear boring when you are in Iraq, with IEDs and sniper fire. It is all so interesting! I wish you all could live such an interesting life! or maybe not so much…

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in a same sex relationship, no.

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I’ve always done the breaking up…and I do sometime feel like things get a bit too boring…which sounds bad I think, but I do get bored with things in a relationship sometimes.

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I know I do. I can’t speak for everyone but I usually ditch the guy wayyyyy before he ditches me. Which might be a defense tactic, now that i think about it. Hm. I’m going to talk to my therapist about this.

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Personally I always get bored first. I normally am the one to break up with someone. I get bored to fast I guess you can say.

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I think women more closely monitor the pulse of any relationship. When they feel more distant than they did the day before, or the tone of conversation a women takes notice and starts looking for the reason they are feeling differently,

Usually they discover that they are not being pursued anymore, so they make a decision to be bored for the requisite benefits (money, status, children), or to continue on in pursuit of their soul mate.

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