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Have you seen my sense of curiousity?

Asked by wundayatta (58525points) May 20th, 2012

My rate of question asking seems to have withered on the vine over the last few months. I don’t know what happened. Where did my curiosity go?

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Maybe you need a quiet time to recharge? Everyone empties the tank occasionally.

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Have you been studying lately? Sometimes I find too much studying makes my brain hurt, which makes me think less because I’m taking a break.

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Did you check your car? Down between or under the seats? Or under your bed? Did you put it somewhere safe, so you wouldn’t lose it, and forget where? Did you just file it under “curiosity” or actually put it where it belongs? I sometimes lose things because for onceI actually file them, put them where they are supposed go or belong, something rare for me,, and just forget. Did you check under and around or near the orange tree? Maybe you left it there. Or on the path to or from there? Maybe it fell out of your pocket or your wallet or your brain; I don’t know where you usually keep your curiosity, at some point. When and/or where was the last time you saw it?

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You left it in my bed. I mean, shit what did I say

Did you always ask stuff due to curiosity? Or for research? Wanting to know something specific? Or perhaps you can’t stomach some of the responses sometimes? Are you sure it’s just curiosity? Maybe it’s safe and sound, and you lost something else instead.

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It’s probably just indigestion. Or, oh no! Maybe you got all the questions in the world answered! Time to write a book! Title: What I Have Learned from Asking Questions

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The cat killed it, or was that the other way around?

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@ucme LOL. I think you may be right. The cats may have finally had enough; they have seen so many of their kind, so many of their comrades slaughtered; they may have finally decided enough is enough; that they had taken enough crap from curiosity over the centuries and the are picking off our curiosity one by one. Watch your backs people! Watch your cats! This could be just the beginning of an all out war.

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Down the hall. Second door on the left.

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When you find it – check to see if mine’s nearby. I’ve lost mine as well.

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@wundayatta – I didn’t notice that your rate of questions had diminished, I still see and respond to many interesting and thought provoking questions from you. But @zensky I did notice your silence. I checked your profile to see if you hadn’t been here for a while. It said you were here but I thought you were being quiet, you aren’t even responding to other’s questions.

You gentlemen are both favorites of mine, yeah yeah despite the fact that I frequently disagree with you, so I hope you find your stride again.

I personally always think of amazing questions when I am not in a position to ask them. Then when I am here, I can’t remember what they were, old age is hell!

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@Symbeline You could be right. I don’t remember being there (old age, you know), but I think I better come look, just to be sure. If my curiosity has any sense at all (which is doubtful), that seems like a likely place for it to be! Could you send a map, please? ;-)

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Must be mid-life dementia, no other explanation, your brain is as big as your tattooed ass but even large continents can break apart. Are you forgetting where you parked your car too? lol

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Did you look under the lemon tree ?

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@dabbler LOL. Send me a map, and I’ll look!

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wundayatta I think rroeytoo is onto something there…Your curiosity is alive and well, the problem is that you forget the questions before you can ask them…hmmm, how can we fix that?

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Seriously, @Earthgirl. It’s been different lately. I just haven’t had any questions come to mind. At least, not questions that seem suitable. I feel dull.

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wundayatta So let me see if I have this right, You have some questions, but they are NSFF, i.e. Not Suitable for Fluther. Maybe you should put the questions into a bottle and send it out to sea. I get lots of ideas for questions from reading. Reading makes me think, I wonder if, I wonder what…I wonder what the hell happened….

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@wundayatta Maybe you should try NEVR-DULL. A good polish may be all you need. You could be bright and shiny again in no time.

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Question in a bottle. Question in a bottle. But I don’t think I’ve really been thinking of any questions, suitable or not. I’ve been reading things, but for some reason, questions don’t come.

I read about aerial surveillance equipment. Surely that would lead to a question, but it didn’t. I’ve been thinking about privacy, but didn’t come up with a question. There’s all this stuff about love and sex, but I think about that all the time and everyone knows I do, so it’s not really going anywhere.

Is this a question in a bottle? Is it an SOS? Will it come back to me some day with answers? Answer in the form of questions?

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In the land down under ! Lemon Tree, NSW
If you prefer seaside, perhaps Lemon Tree Passage

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@dabbler Well I looked. Lemon Tree Passage looks nice. And I wonder what it would be like to live there. But that is not helping me ask questions. Thanks for trying, though.

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@wundayatta Could you send a map, please? ;-)

Should I paint it on my ass? XD

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@Symbeline oh be still my beating heart!!!!! Puh, puh, puh puhleeeeeeeeeeeese!

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