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Do you ever wonder if you'll see the person in real life?

Asked by Trillian (21116points) May 21st, 2012

The porn answer to my other question today reminds me of something else.
I was looking at some internet porn yesterday, and it occured to me the this is just a couple of average people whom I could theoretically run into some time.
Do you ever wonder about that? I guess the chances for me would be really low because I’m really not looking at a face, but I do have those flashes where I recognize but can’t quite place a face.
Do you watch amateur internet porn, and have you ever seen the person in real life?
Just curious.

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Watch porno. Nah, haven’t met anyone in real life. I watch meself in the mirror fancying…

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I don’t watch porn I’m not adverse to it but it just don’t strike my fancy but even if I did I wouldn’t run into anyone as I’m not in a porn producing part of the world.

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The brother of a local and busy arborist appeared several years ago in a men’s magazine, full frontal nude with his face clearly visible.

At our very small rural local post office (15’ x 15’) the post mistress had it under the counter for any who wished to have a look and a giggle. There was a slight buzz for several days and then it stopped.

The guy…young, fit, well-hung, and nice-looking.. seemed not to care one way or the other.

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Years ago in Minneapolis, I was the manager on duty at a downtown hotel. A few guests called down to the front desk to complain about the late night party going on in one suite, so I went up to investigate.

What I discovered looked like a costume party. I finally located the registered guest, explained the situation, and ze politely apologized and said that they were on their way out. It took them awhile to get everyone together and regroup in the lobby before leaving. I waited with them there to make sure that they left without any further disturbance. While chatting with the leader, a man named Larry all dressed up in drag, one of the other members came over and joined in on the conversation. He was a short fellow, well-built, tanned and decked out in black leather. Handsome in a varnished sort of way. They all left fairly quietly.

Upon returning to the desk, one of the male clerks looked at me in awe. He asked, “Do you have any idea who you were talking to?” I responded, “Do you mean Larry?” He said, “No. The other guy. He’s ___ ____, the porn star.”

I had never seen any porn movies. It’s sort of cool though that I’ve talked to someone known, at least by the desk clerk, in the porn industry. It’s too bad I don’t remember his name. It would be interesting to track down one of his films.

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I’ve decided I wouldn’t say anything, of course. Most people aren’t doing this for fame or recognition, they just want to be seen. I’m not going to make things awkward by letting them know I’ve seen their work.

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I have encountered one picture that is certifiably a female friend of mine, and several that are questionably other female friends.

A girl from my high school (and it was a small school, graduating class of 69) and from my class, became a stripper very shortly after we graduated. Not totally shocking.. Very attractive but very stupid and shallow.. shaky home/friend situation. Anyways a few years ago a buddy of mine sends me a porno link from one of those amateur sites where they like catch “girls going wild!” at bars or what not… Inside the link said girl from my class was participating in some kind of wet t-shirt competition in which she showed off all of the goods. Also in said competition were probably half a dozen other girls from my high school (many from my graduating class). It was a weird innocence-losing moment, lol…. yet still pretty entertaining.

I fear finding certain people I know in real life in online porn. Co-workers, siblings (I have 9), significant others (past and present), buddies of mine (or frankly any guy I know).... What with camera phones and everything these days… Anything is possible.

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I’d be a little wary of tripping over their massive dicks, then i’d know who they were.
Put it away dear, I may sue.

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@Pied_Pfeffer lol…. You’re lucky I listen to music before my time… that song came out a few years before I was born :D

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Sure, but so what, you know? It’s just people. We all have sex. For the most part.

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There’s one picture I found that looks very much like a good friend’s daughter. It’s not much, porn wise. I think she was topless. It was from a “naturist” site. She is posing as if for a picture, not a porn shot.

I’m not going to say anything, but I guess I will always wonder. The thing is, this girl was pretty much of a naturist during the time we did things together. There was a group of us who took a walk in a state park once, and she decided to go skinny dipping in one of the ponds on the stream we were following. Her parents were like that, too, when they were younger. So it seems possible that that could be a picture of the young woman I used to know.

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