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If you were going to freeze meatloaf, would you bake it first?

Asked by janbb (60242points) May 21st, 2012

I don’t think more details are needed.

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When we made large batches of meatloaf, we would bake them all at once and then divide them up and freeze them. This way, the oven was being used at once for the longer and higher temperatures and we only had to reheat the meatloaf when we were ready to use it.

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Hmmm. I’ve frozen leftover meatloaf. Why wouldn’t I freeze uncooked meatloaf? I can’t think of any reason. I found this forum where many people say they freeze uncooked meatloaf.

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I’d bake it first only because I worry about the raw ingredients reaction to freezing, the water content and what the loaf would end up as at thaw.

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Yes, I would.

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Yes cook first then freeze, when hamburg is mixed with other things it will freeze raw but when you go to cook it up after it will remain raw looking no matter how long you cook it. It will have that pink color even when you bake it for hours

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Cook it first, it will keep longer. Fats will turn rancid faster if they are raw as opposed to cooked. Meatloaf is often made with higher percentage of fat content than most other meat products.

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I rarely freeze uncooked meat. I nearly always cook it first, them freeze it.

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That’s what we do at work – bake it and then freeze it.

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I like this idea. Since we have so many people experienced with freezing meatloaf, can you then microwave it to heat it up from frozen? Or, do you let it defrost first, then heat it up?

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You can microwave it to heat it from frozen if you are in a rush, but I think it tastes better if you allow it to thaw first.

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And I would heat it in the oven and not the microwave. Especially if you want to add sauce to the top. Like my mom’s—ketchup topping- secret sauce

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I would think reheating in the oven risks it drying out? I don’t use any sauce on mine.

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I slice the leftover meatloaf into sandwich size portions before I put it in the frizzer. When I take it out to eat, I let it thaw and then warm it in a skillet on top of the stove and top it with ketchup.

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@bkcunningham I love a meatloaf sandwich with ketchup. That’s how I eat it the second day, the leftovers. Yum!

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No. Nor would I cook and freeze hamburger, fish or chicken, or pumpkin pie.

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I would cook it first -might as well go all the way since you are going through the trouble of prepping it. I would also portion it out into slices and make the packages as flat as possible before freezing it so it defrosts faster and stacks well.
Voila! You have a quick entree for those nights when you don’t want or have time to prep.

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I do as @bkcunningham. After baking, I slice it up. Freeze the slices with wax paper inbetween or put individual slices in quart size bags. Thaw the slices, then reheat in a pan stovetop. YUM!

I do the same with meatballs. Any meat that’s had spices added definitely develops more taste this way.

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I don’t trust uncooked raw minced meat – even when it’s supposedly from fresh meat. So I’d bake/cook it first if only for that reason.

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