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Do you ever wake up and have the answer to the question?

Asked by Dutchess_III (42292points) May 21st, 2012

About two years ago we bought a CO2 pellet gun. It used to be kept in a locked box under the seat of the Durango, but then it wasn’t there any more and I haven’t seen it for more than a year.

For reasons that many of you can probably guess, my husband went looking for it yesterday. He looked “everywhere.”
He said, “I remember seeing it not long ago….I was looking for something else, I don’t remember what it was….and I saw the box and remember thinking that it was in an odd place….” I had to interject, “If it was in an odd place, you are definitely the one who put it there!” He just looked at me…old argument! I tried to get him to work with me, do some brain storming but he wouldn’t.

I went to bed, woke up this morning and said to myself, “I know exactly where it is!”

Went to work, sent him an email, told him to look in the Durango where the spare tire was kept, and I’d do the same in the car, which I had with me.

It was in the car. Not in the spare tire well, but on top of it, under a pile of other junk.

While I was asleep my brain said, “Pssst! He was looking for the 4 way jack a while ago!” (Which he never found either…and that’s all it took. Put that together with the probability that it was in one of the cars and, viola! :) I mean, I knew where it was.

You ever do that?

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All the fricken time

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Yes, often enough that if I’m perplexed then I’ll ask myself to find some solution while asleep. Lots of time I get answers or ideas.

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My g/f has been asking to see my HS yearbook and doesn’t believe me when I tell her I misplaced it and havent seen it in a long while. After a few days of pondering I remembered where it went. It’s at the ex g/f’s apartment…the one I haven’t spoken to in 2 yrs..doh!

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Haha…’s hard to wake up with the answer of ” Dude where’s my car.” That has to be solved in the moment if you want to go to bed first. I swear, I am a perfect 50/50 split between high intelligence and complete ditz. My personality type is often called the “nutty professor.” lolol
I was just joking today about losing my freaking car all the time. I just wander around staring into the distance and then, lo & behold, it appears again. lol

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Yes, I’ve actually jumped up out of bed in the middle of the night to find a pad of paper to write down something that I finally remembered the answer to, or where something was or what I needed to do.

During the daylight hours I often have stuff right on the tip of my tongue and it drives me insane.

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This happens to me all the time. A good night’s sleep helps almost anything I need.

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Yes, often.

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I expect to know the answer to this question when I awaken.

@Kardamom, you’re not alone: “Around the turn of the century, William James decided to experiment with the effects of opium on himself in order to increase his creativity and powers of insight. In the middle of one drug-induced dream, he suddenly felt a flash of inspiration. Certain that the secret of the universe had suddenly been revealed to him, he managed to write down the content of his inspirational flash before losing consciousness. On awakening, he found to his dismay that what he has actually written was, ‘Hogamous, higamous: Men are polygamous; higamous, hogamous – women monogamous!’”

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One year the kids hid the Easter eggs on the night before Easter. For some reason, they got a little suspicious of me one year, and made me leave the room. :( (Recently my daughter explained that they weren’t quite sure whether I was the Easter Bunny or not, but if nothing else they were certain that I was in cahoots with him!) So, Easter night, after they went to bed, I found all of the eggs…except one. I could not, COULD NOT find that damn egg! I looked everywhere, for three days!! I couldn’t ask the kids, obviously, because it was the Easter Bunny who found the eggs, not me!

On the third night I went to bed, fell asleep….and bolted upright at 3 a.m. saying, “It’s in my plant!!” I went and looked…and there it was! Buried in the pot of one of my big, huge house plants! :)

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