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I need a career change. I really enjoy math. Should I consider engineering?

Asked by pieceofapuzzle (194points) May 22nd, 2012

Math didn’t always come easy to me.
It took a lot of practice. When we were assigned every other problem, I’d do them all.
I tend to be slower and more methodical when solving math problems- I notate every step so if I make an error, I can check my work.
I always prove my answer by plugging it into the original problem. I take pride in accuracy over speed but I have to admit- I am easily intimidated by personalities that solve the problem quickly and insist their answers are right and mine is wrong if our numbers don’t match.
Fortunately, I notate my process so it’s easy to determine who is right.
But the problem is, I am insecure about my abilities, so I am not sure if engineering would be right for me.

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