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What is your current occupation and what occupation would you like to be?

Asked by Charles (4815points) May 22nd, 2012

If you work, what is your occupation now and what would you like to be (i.e. when you grow up )?

Now: Systems Engineer

Future: Systems Engineer

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Now: Analytical Chemist, part time ABA Therapist

Future: Forensic Scientist

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3D Artist with focus on Architectural Visualisation. But I would prefer Game Design.

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Currently: Unapprehended mass murderer with a predilection for long haired bipeds

Desired job: President of the United States

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I am currently working full time as an administrator in the Sports Department of a University and part time as a dog trainer. I am working towards working with dogs full time.

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.I’m a Medical Technologist now. I wish that I was an electronic engineer. When I retire in 4 years I will become a kahuna.

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now: Software Engineer

future: something else

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Multiple Jill of all trades here. Currently work in home staging & interior design, moonlight at my local river thrift store and am about to start blogging for and running another local rafting camps store and hostessing the camp wine bar evenings. I like to have multiple jobs, I get bored easily, embrace diversity and need flexibility. An 8–5 for 30 years is a fate worse than death for me and I REFUSE to commute into the big city. I might be living in my barn someday but I’ll have done it MY way! lol

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I’m a showroom receptionist for a car dealership.

I’d like to be designing jewelry for benchsmith again.

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Wannabe stuntman for the next Kung Fu Panda movie.

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Now: Busser (but I’m only 16)
Future: I have NO idea. Probably something to do with animals.

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Now: Assistant Teacher

Future: Computer Programmer

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Current occupation: Student.
Future(hopefully): Free as a bird, just blowin’ in the wind.

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