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The whole "Monarch Programming" theory. Real or not?

Asked by laurenkem (3398points) May 22nd, 2012

I’ve been reading about this quite a bit, but it still makes my brain want to fall out of my head. The purporters of this phenomena are accusing people like Rhianna, Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga and Britney Spears of all showing signs of this “programming”. Yet I still don’t understand what these so-called experts are telling me. Who do they say is behind this? And how are they getting access to these people? I’m just not getting it! Almost forgot, what is “their” purpose?

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Sounds like religion.

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Sounds like baloney.

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@laurenkem I completely agree with @Jeruba. Here is where it comes from. So exactly how did the CIA program Lady Gaga using a program Project MULKUTRA that ended in the late 1960s when Gaga wasn’t even born till 1986? There are a group of conspiracy theorists among us who seem to find absurdity the only proof of truth.

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The real mind control is the cultural conditioning that these people receive and pass on to others via their work. :)

Don’t look at me like that. Culture is viral.

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Sounds like Bridey Murphy recycled.

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There are things that cannot be known. Things that can not be said. They are still watching. I have already said too much.

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[Redacted by the C.I.A.]

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Very interesting but I severely doubt the ability of the CIA to create such a program or its ability to keep a secret this long. The CIA is very near, a criminal organization. That being the case, their ability to keep a real secret is limited.

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@serenade Thanks for the links! That was very interesting indeed…..

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@Ron_C But, but but… Everybody knows that A) the government is completely incompetent and can’t do anything right. and B) everything going on is a massive, secret government conspiracy in which they control the whole world and have adapted the captured alien spacecraft at area 51 so that our government now travels in complete shielded stealth through the air, water and even solid earth, knows every thought any human thinks, and has kept it all secret since the 1940s.

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@ETpro You mock, but I can see no reason why a person, given power, wouldn’t eventually come to want more power. After all, every now and then, somebody floats an obviously unconstitutional bit of legislation, and sometimes, it gets through.
So basically, uncoordinated evil intentions spamming the gates of Liberty. Perhaps not as effective as a coordinated effort, but perhaps more resistant to eradication.

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@Nullo Yes, I mock. The premise of a totally secret program launched in the 1950s having created all our greatest pop stars for the next 50 years is worthy of mockery. Some ideas deserve to be treated so.

As to government exceeding their Constitutional authority, sure it happens. I’ll give you an example. Since 9/11, Congress has given the President almost dictatorial powers when acting in the name of national defense. The current NDAA extended the right of the President, Secretary of Defense or Secretary of State to order the assassination of anyone including US citizens if they alone deem the person to be a terrorist. They can also have the person arrested and detained indefinitely in the US or on foreign soil. The detainee has no right to Habeas Corpus (Something that dates back to the Magna Carts and is most definitely guaranteed in the Constitution) and no court proceeding is required or even available to them. How long till some power-hungry ego-maniac takes office and uses this power to silence all political opposition. So far, it’s happened in every nation where government has such power. What makes Congressional Republicans think it can’t happen here? Or do they know it can, and plan to make sure it is done on their watch?

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@ETpro I am aware of the Executive Order abuse. Not to its fullest extent (which I would say started when people started giving EOs the weight of law) but I have heard about the more recent NDAA business.
Which is part of why I’m so keen on the Second Amendment. I don’t want an insurrection, or civilian martial law, or a political doomsday scenario, nor to I want to shoot anybody. But I feel it’s healthy to periodically remind the Powers that Be that they are outnumbered roughly 40:1, in case they get any ideas. I figure than an actual civilian uprising would logistically be out of the question entirely. It’s one thing to have 79 million armed citizens, but another entirely to supply them.

I hope that we never do get that hypothetical nutcase into office. In fact, I want whoever ends up in the hot seats to throw all that crap out.

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@Nullo Lots of people must think I am a flaming lineral, but I’m certainly not when it comes to 2nd Amendment Rights. The right to defend your family and property are important when it may take police 30 minutes to an hour to show up for a home invasion call. But they are vital to remind the government that there is a line they dare not cross.

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@ETpro the belief in government conspiracies and UFO crashes is very close to religious belief. I refuse believe in god until it comes down from heaven and talks to me. I won’t believe in UFO’s unless they drop into my backyard and offer me a ride on their spaceship.
I won’t believe in successful CIA conspiracies as long as they act like criminals

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@Ron_C Copy that.

EDIT on my comment above. In case anyone is wondering what a lineral is, it is my liberal interpretation of how to spell liberal.

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