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Who is the person in the picture?

Asked by demonhunter (9points) May 23rd, 2012

I need to know who the person in this picture is. It says that he is an important person on the software world, from Microsoft.

P.S. Not Bill Gates

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Welcome to Fluther, whoever you are.

Linus Torval, primary developer of the Linus kernel.

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@CWOTUS, I believe his last name is spelled Torvalds.

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Ah, yes. You are correct. I hate misspelling, but I hate misspelling names most of all.

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Developer of the Linux kernel, don’t you mean? [ LINK ]

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Gahhh… I don’t know where my mind was when I wrote my original answer. Two simple misspellings out of eight words. That’s a 33% error ratio!

At least my sense of humor is still intact.

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Here’s a set of other pictures for comparison.

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Uh, 2 out of 8 is not 33 percent, @CWOTUS. I hope that is what you are kidding about.

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Uhm… That’s actually 25%...

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Yes. It’s Torvaldd, the Linux guy.

But @CWOTUS wasn’t wrong, on one count at least; Torvalds wasn’t planning to make the announcement until next month but now the cat’s out of the bag so:

The Linus Kernel

It’s kind of a quick and dirty job on the graphic but I thought the sooner I helped pull you out of this tail spin the better. :-)

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Thank you. But now we’ll probably both receive letters from the Schultz estate.

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Yeah, those Cease and Desist letters can be kind of intimidating.

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