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I dreamed my first love last night, I missed him so much, what should I do?

Asked by Annanism (14points) May 23rd, 2012

I dreamed about him last night, but we haven’t in touch for almost 8, 9 years, I don’t know his feeling about me, and we both have BF and GF now! I just miss him so much, what should I do?

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Realise that it was a dream. You can’t go back.

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Welcome to Fluther. If you know you aren’t out to restart what is gone, send him a note or a postcard (snail mail only!) letting him know you were reminded of him and you hope he is well in his life.

If you are wondering about getting together with him, get it out of your mind now, and do not act on it.

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Welcome to Fluther also… but what should you do? It has been over for almost 10 years. Let it go. I really do get it. I was absolutely crazy about a guy, a very long time ago, longer than 8 or 9 years, and it didn’t work out but I still dream about him occasionally. It was a dream, nothing more. It was a relationship that mattered to you and resides in your mind, and heart too, still, but it is over. It was just a dream. Accept that the memory, experience, history of that relationship will probably always be a part of you and just deal with that and keep on truckin’ and moving forward and keeping an eye on what is right in front of you and further down the road. I don’t think anyone should spend too much time looking in their rear view mirror. It’s normal and even good, to do it occasionally, but not do do too much.

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God damn, its just a damn dream, move the hell on, why bother thinking about it so much? What’s the damn point?

Stop eing so clingy, seriously, the world tears people like you apart with the help of that.

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Go back to sleep.

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Well, you could be just missing him but if it consumes you, perhaps your current bf isn’t who you are supposed to be with.

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Welcome to Fluther! : )
Neither of you are the same person you were 8–9 years ago. Personally, I think you miss the feelings and the type of relationship rather than the actual person. You could do one of two things: either contact him via FB and see if he wants go out for lunch, or you could let him go and invest your time, feelings and energy into your current relationship.
I don’t think it’s right to lay in someone’s arms and think of another, but that’s just me.

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The past is the past! If i were you…I’d leave it alone. Things would be very different now and making contact could end sourly and spoil the good memories of what you had. Best to stay with the memories…and reminisce fondly.

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If you really still loves him, contact him and asking for a date. If he agrees, then both of you see how it works out from there. If not, just treat it like keeping in touch with a normal friend. Wish you best of luck!

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